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Warframe: How to get perfect animal captures in Orb Vallis

One of the trickier weekly Nightwave Acts is Conservationist, which involves not just capturing animals out in Orb Vallis, but doing it perfectly, and six different times.

There are multiple different things that can go wrong here. You might not know how to hunt in Warframe, you might not have six different Echo-Lures to entice different animals to your hunting spot and complete the requirements for the challenge, or you might just keep getting stuck with bad captures. We’re here to help with all three.

If you prefer video walkthroughs, we’ve embedded a handy run-down by YouTuber Faceless Beanie below:

Warframe: Perfect Animal Captures in Orb Vallis

Start Hunting

To hunt in Warframe, there are two main things that you’re always going to need: a Tranq Rifle, and an Echo-Lure.

These are both procured from a character called “The Business”, who you can find in Fortuna. He’s accessible from the fast travel menu, so head over and browse his wares.

If you have Ivara or Equinox, you don’t have to buy the Tranq Rifle, since you can use their Sleep Arrows or Rest abilities to incapacitate animals - which can actually be really helpful in getting perfect captures. If you don’t have either of these though, the Tranq Rifle is perfectly serviceable.

While you’re with The Business, you also need to purchase the different Echo-Lures that you need. To gain access to more Echo-Lures, you need to raise your standing with the merchants of Fortuna. When you have the highest standing rank, you'll have access to every Echo-Lure.

Once you’ve got the equipment you need, equip it in your gear menu.

To initiate a hunt, you have to travel to a paw-print icon on your map - so equip your Tranq Rifle and head out. Once you’re there, you should be able to see some animal dung on the floor which starts off a trail of footprints when you interact with it.

Follow the footprints and they will lead you to another site where you can use an Echo-Lure to call an animal. Mimic the call that they produce with your Lure and then retreat to a safe and manageable distance with a good vantage point of where you used the lure.

Then, when the animal appears, you need to shoot your non-lethal weapon as quickly and accurately as possible. Once it’s knocked out you can move in for extraction.

Getting perfect animal captures

There are three classes of animal capture, bad, good, and perfect. To get perfect captures you need to snag the critter pretty much as soon as it appears, and without alerting it to your presence.

This is why Warframes like Ivara or Equinox are really good, because they have powerful non-lethal abilities that you can use to quickly incapacitate creatures.

Warframes with stealth abilities also make it so you don’t have to run away to find a vantage point. If you’re invisible, then the animal can’t see you.

Capturing unaware animals quickly is the key to getting hitting perfect.

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