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Warframe 1999 teases a retro future for the MMORPG

The CRT was just a tease - we're going back to the past in 2024.

Warframe 1999 key art
Image credit: Digital Extremes

Just when the world thought they'd seen the last bit of Warframe news from Tennocon 2023, Digital Extremes revealed a short tease for Warframe 1999. Coming in 2024, it's a drastic new setting for the MMORPG.

A blast from the past, we see a black-haired fella fending off various bio-tech monsters as he hunts down Master Entrati (who plays a major part in the Whipsers in the Walls update also shown off during the show), thousands upon thousands of years before Warframe as we know it takes place. How exactly this work remains a tantalizing mystery, but one we're keen to find out more about.

This of course all comes with a slick soundtrack, taking us back to the era and setting the stage even further away from the futuristic chants, hymns, and synths Warframe has thrown at us over the last 10 years.

Warframe 1999 comes at the start of what DE has defined as a new era for the game, following The New War update released back in 2021. Since then, the game has expanded in various directions away from the galaxy players have messed around with over the past few years, with Angels of the Zariman and the Duviri Paradox as major examples. Going back in time though, appears to be the vastest step in this new direction we've seen yet.

Precious few details are available for Warframe 1999 as of right now - with the present focus being on the upcoming Halloween and Whispers in the Walls update coming this fall, but it's for sure one hell of a stinger to end the show on.

What do you think of this first peak at Warframe 1999? Let us know below!

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