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Warframe is finally exploring the backstory of its infamous email fiend with The Jade Shadows update

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Warframe Stalker image
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Warframe is due another major update later this month, and this one is looking to be an especially interesting one for those locked-in to the overarching narrative. The reason why? Everyone's favourite email spammer, mission invader, and Dread-dropper The Stalker is getting a much-needed expansion to his backstory.

This is part of a new quest called The Jade Shadows, which will be introducing another warframe that players will be able to unlock and use. This is typical, but what isn't the norm is the re-introduction of a mysterious character who appears to be playing a major part in the story.

The Stalker is either a beloved or hated figure depending on which Warframe player you ask. On one hand, he's been around for ages and is the source of some pretty cool weapons like Dread, Hate, and Despair. However, he also is known to spam your emails every time you finish an assassination mission in-game, he invades your missions, and he infamously has low drop rates for a few of those weapons I mentioned earlier.

So learning a bit about him is great news for those who've been playing for a while. There's of course more to the update than a new quest; there's a new game mode called ascension, a new selection of arcanes, augments and decrees available, a new clan mission, and a collection of general quality of life fixes too.

So if you've been staying away from Warframe for a while, now might be a good time to jump back in. The Jade Shadows update is set to launch on June 18 on all platforms. Let us know what you think about this update below!

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