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Warframe Tenet Weapons: How to get Tenet Weapons and a Sister of Parvos

Warframe Tenet Weapons are a new set of weapons introduced in the Sisters of Parvos update, and while they take a while to obtain, it’s well worth the effort.

Some Tenet Weapons are boosted versions of existing weapons, while others are brand-new additions to the game. There are plenty to choose from, but you'll have to put in some effort to get them.

Warframe Tenet Weapons

Not all Tenet Weapons are the same. Five of them are revamped versions of existing Corpus weapons divided into Primary and Secondary variants. Three are brand-new weapons unique to the Sisters of Parvos themselves, and four are new melee weapons you can only get from collecting Corrupted Holokeys.

Almost every Tenet Weapon boasts high critical rates and boosted damage output of some kind, while the Corpus variants feature mostly higher stats than their orignial counterparts.

We've listed all the Warframe Tenet Weapons below.

Tenet Weapons - Primary variants

  • Tenet Tetra: Parvosian upgrade of the classic Tetra. Slower fire rate but with a larger magazine. Can now alt fire entire clip as a large burst radius grenade launcher.
  • Tenet Flux Rifle: Sister-modified Flux Rifle with increased fire rate and range. Recharge has been replaced with ammo clips to accommodate greater power needs.
  • Tenet Arca Plasmoor: Custom variant of a Corpus classic. Staggering blasts now ricochet and have greater range at the cost of a slower fire and reload speed. Surviving enemies are consumed with radiation.

Tenet Weapons: Secondary Variants

  • Tenet Cycron: This reengineered Cycron features a refracting energy disc that can split off the main target hitting up to 2 additional nearby targets.
  • Tenet Detron: Parvos Granum’s engineers have made this already ferocious hand-cannon, even more deadly with addition of an alternate fire mode that empties an entire clip in one devastating burst.

Tenet Weapons: Sisters of Parvos weapons

  • Tenet Envoy: Aimed rockets are wire-guided for greater accuracy, but travel more slowly. The patented Granum Attaché System reloads the weapon when holstered.
  • Tenet Diplos: Itemize and execute with this pair of auto-lock-on, homing-projectile pistols. Shoot from-hip for a more conventional pistol experience. The patented Granum Attaché System reloads the pistols when holstered.
  • Tenet Spirex: Dominate rivals with this pistol’s lightning fast rail-slugs. Head-shots speed up reload.

Ergo Glast Tenet Weapons

  • Tenet Agendus: Hammer and shield whose heavy blades launch energy disks.
  • Tenet Exec: Heavy blade with slam attacks unleashing multitudes of shockwaves.
  • Tenet Livia: Two-handed nikana that builds blocking angle from blocking; pauses combo duration when holstered.
  • Tenet Grigori: Two-handed scythe with heavy slide attacks releasing ricocheting energy disks; pauses combo duration when holstered.

How to get Warframe Tenet Weapons

Obtaining the Ergo Glast Tenet Weapons involves farming Corrupted Holokeys. One weapon is available each week, but the attributes and type are random.

You’ll get the other three weapon types from fighting the Sisters of Parvos themselves. The Sisters spawn in a similar way as Kuva Lich. Also like the Lich spawn, the Progenitor Warframe used to generate the Sisters of Parvos determines the Tenet Weapon element.

Sisters of Parvos Progenitor WarframeSisters of Parvos Progenitor Warframe
ElementProgenitor Warframe
ImpactZephyr, Baruuk, Grendel, Gauss, Wukong, Sevagoth, Rhino
HeatInaros, Ember, Nezha, Chroma, Wisp, Vauban, Protea,
ElectricityBanshee, Excalibur, Limbo, Volt, Valkyr, Nova
ColdFrost, Hildryn, Gara, Titania, Trinity, Revenant
ToxinKhora, Atlas, Ivara, Oberon, Nidus, Saryn, Nekros
RadiationAsh, Equinox, Garuda, Loki, Mirage, Nyx, Octavia
MagneticLavos, Harrow, Mag, Mesa, Xaku, Yareli, Hydroid

The weapon itself and its attributes vary based on the Sister. So far, it doesn’t seem as if there’s a set drop rate for any weapon. They all have the same rate of spawning, so if you want the whole set, prepare for a long road ahead.

Warframe how to get a Sister of Parvos

Getting a Sister of Parvos to spawn requires spending some time in the Granum Void.  Choose Corpus Ship missions that are level 30 or higher so Treasurers drop Zenith Granum Crowns. With Crown in hand, head back to the Corpus Ship and use the Zenith Granum Crown on the Golden Hand to enter the Granum Void.

Reach rank 1 and destroy at least 25 enemies, then the Sister candidate will spawn once you leave the Void. These fights can take some time to finish, so make sure you're prepared.

Aside from Tenet Weapons, the Ambassador Rifle is also worth your time, though it takes a bit of grinding as well.

If you’re looking for a set of low-key challenges after all that repetition, check out our Waverider quest guide for how to get Yareli.

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