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Warframe Ambassador Rifle: How to get and what the best Ambassador Rifle builds are

The Warframe Ambassador Rifle is a new weapon added in the Sisters of Parvos update, and it’s worth the grind to get it.

The Ambassador Rifle has impressive power potential, even though it falters against a specific kind of foe. Our Warframe Ambassador Rifle guide covers how to get it and what to do once it’s in your arsenal.

How to get Warframe Ambassador Rifle

As with other weapons, you’ll need to assemble the Ambassador Rifle using multiple blueprints and pieces. However, the Ambassador Rifle parts take a bit of time and grind to get.

All the Ambassador Rifle parts come from Empyrean Survival missions, and you’ll need to stick it out to get them. The drops only happen in the C Rotation rounds, so you’ll have to survive until then and avoid extraction.

While each part drops in a specific area, the drop chance isn’t the highest. Still, the chance of obtaining one of the Ambassador Rifle parts exists every four rounds. Keep fighting through if you don’t get what you need the first time.

Warframe Ambassador Rifle strengths and weaknesses

The new rifle’s biggest strengths are its high critical chance, rate of fire, and accuracy. It also gets a strong critical multiplier and has a fully automatic mode.

Since the Ambassador Rifle is an electric weapon, your best bet is using it against machine-type enemies. It does not support mods that increase slash or impact damage, however, and the large magazine gets used up quickly thanks to the rifle’s high rate of ammo consumption per shot.

Warframe Ambassador Rifle parts

These are the four parts that make up the Ambassador Rifle and where to get them. Again, these all drop in Empyrean Survival missions Round C.

  • Venus Proxima – Blueprint
  • Veil Prosima – Blueprint
  • Neptune Proxima – Stock
  • Pluto Proxima – Receiver

Warframe Ambassador Rifle build

Any Ambassador Rifle build should maximize its damage output to make up for the high ammo consumption. There’s nothing you can do to make it effective against Alloy armor, so enhancing the electric damage or adding other elements is a viable strategy too.

Here’s our preferred build:

  • Amalgam Serration
  • Split Chamber
  • Infected Chip
  • Stormbringer
  • High Voltage
  • Hellfire
  • Hunter Munitions
  • Heavy Caliber
  • Rifle Riven mod

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