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Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodhunt - Best Enforcer build

The Enforcer is one of the best 1v1 archetypes in the game. Here's how to bring out their true potential.

The Enforcer is one of the more versatile and combat-centric archetypes in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt. Currently the one and only class in the Ventrue clan, this suave vampire is a great pick for those who like to get into the thick of it anytime, anyplace.

This guide will take you through our best Enforcer build - including what blood resonance to prioritise, the ideal weapons for your archetype, and how to play 1v1 fights.

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Blood Resonance priority

Both abilities available to the Enforcer - the shoulder charge and invulnerability shield - are excellent. The charge allows you to close the distance on an enemy instantly and silences them if they are hit with it, preventing any and all effective escape. The shield is invaluable too, providing a chance to reload, reposition, or weapon swap without worry.

As such, we recommend prioritising Melancholic (purple), followed by Phlegmatic (blue). This order is preferred as the shield is universally helpful regardless of the situation, whereas you’ll get into plenty of fights where the charge isn’t used (especially at longer ranges).

If you can’t find any of those nearby, it’s fine to invest a point or two into Sanguine (pink) as that’s also just an overall handy passive upgrade to have. That being said, don’t dedicate your blood resonance points into maxing this out if either of your abilities aren’t fully upgraded.

The only situation in which you’d invest into Choleric (orange) is if you find an early purple melee weapon. In this scenario, max out choleric, then invest into Phlegmatic for shoulder charge cooldown reduction. If you’ve still got an opportunity to invest more points, go for Melancholic. You’ll regain plenty of health through landing melee hits and eating other players, so don’t worry about Sanguine.

Ideal weapons

It’s generally best for all archetypes to have a long ranged and close ranged weapon (with a melee weapon of course). This is especially true for the Enforcer, which has a kit that excels at all ranges.

So, for your close range option a shotgun is the ideal choice, thanks in large part to your shoulder charge gap closer and the fact you can just use your shield to walk right up in the faces of enemy players. As such, grab a double barrelled or pump action shotgun and keep it by your side for the final circle or when you hear a player climb up the building you’re perched on.

Your long ranged weapon is up to personal choice to a degree. Any Assault rifle is a good option of course and are easy to find all over the place. Sniper rifles and marksman rifles are okay, but you don’t really get an opportunity to push the advantage granted to you by your amazing abilities. Submachine Guns are kind of redundant thanks to your shotgun, same with dual pistols.

How to play 1v1 fights

If you’re at a long range firing off shots with your assault rifle, play it out as you would with any other archetype by trying to burst enemies down before they can do the same to you. Hopefully, you manage to kill them without issues, however you have options depending on alternative scenarios.

An Enforcer using Flesh of Marble to prevent incoming damage, and forcing a pause in a fight turning sour.
  • If they start to run away, use your shoulder charge to gap close and catch them before they’re able to use blood bags or other healing items / abilities. Obviously, if they're playing a Brujah class and you can’t make up the distance don’t expend your shoulder charge as you won’t catch them anyway.
  • If you lose the fight and are on the backfoot, pop your invulnerability and use a blood pack. Since they can’t damage you, you get this for free with no drawbacks. Once you’re healed up, get back into the fight!
  • If they run up to you, pop your shield and switch over to your shotgun. Usually, the time it takes to swap over is a moment of vulnerability. But as the Enforcer, you get away with it for free.

If you’re at close range, be sure to have your shotgun out. You should initiate with a shoulder charge to silence enemies to stop their escape. Once you’ve done that, unload with the shotgun! If they manage to survive by the time you’ve run out of ammo, pop the shield and reload safely. If you manage to miss your shots again… run. Just run mate, reload, and try again.

With that, we’ve reached the end of our Enforcer guide! If you’re looking for more entry level guides, check out our beginner’s hub for all of our instructional content. Alternatively, we also have a selection of interview features including this one on what to expect in the future for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt: More story, more communication, more content – how Sharkmob plans to support Bloodhunt for years to come.

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