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Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt - Damage Report Quest guide

You'll pay the Entity a visit across Prague in this short but sweet quest.

Damage Report is one of the more straightforward quests given to your in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt, and acts as an introductory lesson on The Entity and their camps across the map. As such, it’s a very important quest for new players to complete in their journey to learn the ins and outs of the games.

Nonetheless, if you’re struggling to figure out this quest, we’ve written up a quick guide so you can finish Damage Report up quickly, as well as get to grips with the Entity and what they offer to courageous players.

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Damage Report part 1: Get near the Entity by the Skybar

The first step requires you to travel near the Entity camp north west from the Skybar. If you want to finish this up right at the start of a game, spawn nearby the camp and head inside it’s boundaries. Once you start trading shots with the Entity hunters there, you should complete this quest step.

As a rule of thumb, to complete these quest steps you want to head inside the camps every time. When in doubt, go and loot the golden chest inside the camps, there’s always at least one in every one, and they contain some great loot!

Damage Report part 2: Get near the Entity by the harbour

The second step requires you to travel to the Entity camp on the harbour north west of Prague. Same as before, go ahead and spawn nearby and head towards the encampment. Once again, be sure to pop by the golden chest in the camp and you’ll score some sweet loot alongside completing this stage of the quest.

Damage Report part 3: Get near the Entity near Prince’s Haven

For the final step, you’ll want to travel to the Entity camp near Prince’s Haven. This is by far the largest camp in Prague, with far more Entity Hunters than any other camp in the game. As such, it’s far more dangerous than other camps, so you’ll want to be extra careful here.

However, if you do decide to stay and take out all the soldiers there, you can find a total of two golden chests here. It’s a risk reward play, so pop by if you’re looking to secure some brilliant gear early on.

That concludes our guide on Damage Report. If you fancy checking out additional guides for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt our beginner’s hub is your one stop shop for all our guides. In addition, we have a feature on the game’s future: More story, more communication, more content – how Sharkmob plans to support Bloodhunt for years to come.

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