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Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt - Casus Belli Quest guide

In this walkthrough, we take you through one of the game's more challenging quests.

Casus Belli is the first quest in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt that requires a decent amount of time investment separate from just running over to specific locations and grabbing quest items. It involves a lot of combat, and weapon-specific tasks that’ll force you to play a certain way. Of all the quests available at the game’s launch it’s also one of the most challenging.

As such, we’ve created this step-by-step Cases Belli walkthrough so you can best approach each and every obstacle thrown your way. If you’re stuck on a specific part, we have a section selection menu below so you can quickly jump to the part that’s giving you the most trouble.

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Casus Belli part 1: Deal 300 damage

This first step is simple enough. All you need to do is deal 300 damage to players with any weapon in game. This should take only one match to do, unless you get wiped out super early.

Casus Belli part 2: Down three players with double barrelled shotgun

This is where it gets a bit tricky. For this weapon, you need to down three players with the double barrelled shotgun. Now, there are a few tricks you can use to make things easier which we’ll list out below, but if you keep an eye out for this weapon as you play you’ll complete it eventually.

Tips we’d suggest include not just blindly running towards enemies at a distance with your shotgun out. It’s a good idea to pair the double barrelled with a longer range weapon like the AK, sniper, LMG etc. Once you get them low enough, around 100 hp or less, a single shot at close range with the shotgun will knock them down.

A second tip would be to use an archetype that excels at closing the distance. Any of the Brujah classes have a dedicated leap ability that can put you right in the faces of other players, while the charge and invulnerability shield on the Enforcer can make it exceptionally easy to get in close. Using any of these will make it far easier to get in the shotgun’s effective range.

Casus Belli part 3: Hit 40 headshots with burst rifle

This is the part of the Casus Belli quest that takes the longest by far. It requires you to hit 40 headshots with burst rifles, which are only obtainable from Entity camps across Prague. It’s worth noting that only headshots on other players count for this part of the quest, so you aren’t able to quickly complete it by farming Entity hunters.

What this means in practice is you’ll want to start off every game by an Entity camp, take out at least one hunter there and pick up their weapon, and then keep this on hand as you venture out for kills. If you’re able to consistently hit headshots this shouldn’t be too much of a burden, but if that’s not the case you’ll have to keep bashing your head against it.

What you’ll find rough is getting stuck with a low-rarity burst rifle as you continue progressing through the game, as a green or blue burst rifle can struggle to keep up with more powerful long ranged weapons. However, if you luck out and get a purple burst rifle you should be set! It does great damage and is easy to control.

Sooner or later, you’ll eventually get your 40 headshots. One forbidden tip I suggest is downing a player and then not killing them. Follow them around as they crawl and pick them off with headshots as they stand up. It’s technically slower than going out and getting kills naturally if you can hit your shots, but if you’re struggling you can usually farm four or five headshots before another player finds you or the downed player quits.

Casus Belli part 4: Eliminate two bloodhunted players

The fourth step for Casus Belli requires you to take out two naughty players who have broken the Masquerade, either by killing a mortal or by being seen doing vampirey things. You’ll be able to see their bright red outline as you look in their direction, and they’ll be marked on the map as red dots you can rush down.

Just bear in mind that if you can see them, every other player can too. The area around bloodhunted players is usually filled with fighting players, so you’ll have to keep your wits about you. If you don’t think you can make it out, you can always try rushing down the marked player for a quick kill before other players wipe you out.

Casus Belli part 5: Eliminate enemies from clan Brujah

The final step is a nice and straightforward finish to an otherwise time consuming quest. All you have to do is eliminate players using archetypes from the Brujah clan - either the Brute or the Vandal.

While you’ll surely get this done eventually, you can keep a lookout for players leaping long distances out in Prague. This is the Brujah universal ability that both classes have, so if you see someone use this, you can target them specifically.

That concludes our walkthrough for the Casus Belli quest. For more Bloodhunt content, check out our Bloodhunt beginner’s hub for all of our written guides, as well as our interview feature on Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt’s art direction: “They were tired of America”: Why ex-Division devs chose Prague for Vampire Bloodhunt’s classy backdrop.

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