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Temtem: How to Fast Travel

Fast travel takes the legwork (literally) out of various quests. Here’s how!

Temtem has only just stepped out of Early Access, but already, it has shaped up to be a great MMO alternative to Pokémon. As you travel across the expansive airborne archipelago, you’ll capture and tame temtems galore, and might even make some new friends along the way.

The critter-catching RPG is surprisingly charming, with plenty of realistic, funny dialogue and lots of vibrant ‘tems to look out for. That said, the various regions are huge and can often be a pain to manoeuvre around while doing main story and side quests. So, how do you fast travel in Temtem?

Well, there are a few ways of getting around the islands! In this guide, we’ve explained all of the different ways you can fast travel around Temtem.

How do I fast travel in Temtem?

There are multiple ways in which you can get around the world of Temtem quickly, but of course, not every one will be available to you right away. Smoke Bombs are great for the beginning of the game, but where they teleport you to feels limited.

However, later down the line, you’ll also be in receipt of a mount, and can use Airship or Drone travel after having explored more of the islands!

Smoke Bombs

Temtem’s Smoke Bombs do not function at all similarly to the ones you might’ve seen in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. While you do end up shrouded in a cloud of smoke, you’ll vanish into thin air and be transported to the last Temporium or Mini-Temporium that you visited.

Smoke Bombs shown at a Mini-Temporium in Temtem

You can buy Smoke Bombs for 120 coins each from any retailer across Temtem. This is the most convenient and easiest way to fast travel in Temtem before you’re able to get your hands on a mount.


Mounts are a little trickier to get your hands on, as they require some more progression with Temtem’s main story, and you’ll typically have to do individual quests to unlock specific mounts.

The easiest mount to acquire is the Scooter, which you can get by speaking to an NPC called Feriha in Thalassian Cliffs. She’ll assign you a quest titled ‘Gotta StickTem All’ in which you’ll need to collect some stickers for her. Do this, return to her, and the Scooter mount is all yours.


The Airship can be used to travel between islands after completing the main story quest ‘Adventure in Myrisles’. This quest commences after beating your first Dojo Master, Sophia, and jumping on the Narwhal Airship, but won't be fully finished until you ride the Narwhal Ship again to Quetzal. Good luck!

You’ll first arrive in Nanga, with Mokupini situated just nearby. Here, you'll need to beat both Nanga's and Mokupini's Dojo Masters, Rawiri and Tahini, as well as Dr. Homiji and General Belsoto. It's going to take a lot of 'tem training!

Once this is done, you’ll finish the quest after you travel on the Narwhal again and go to Kisiwa!


With it being last on our list of ways to fast travel in Temtem, you already know that the Drone is the best means of getting around. With this nifty bit of tech, you’ll be able to activate various teleportation points around Temtem and then use the Drone to fast travel to them when needed.

The Drone is unlocked by speaking with an NPC named Mayu in Miyako Village. They’ll give you the ‘Refrigerated Vanishings’ quest. Follow the quest, and when you meet with Satoko, they’ll ask you a few questions. You’ll need to answer all of them correctly to unlock the Drone. The answers are as follows:

  1. Anak Volcano
  2. The Cenote
  3. The Kakama Cenote
  4. Upinzani, Kwea Uplands, Jinogap, Vumbi
  5. Thalassian Cliffs
  6. Four
  7. The Mines of Mictlan
  8. Aguamarina Caves
  9. Anak

That’s all for fast travel in Temtem. While you’re checking out the best ways to get around, be sure to unlock the Surfboard!

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