No, someone did not shit in a bag while waiting to play Fortnite at gamescom 2018

There’s a headline you don’t expect to write everyday. Or ever for that matter.

2 years ago

WTF headlines

  • This is happening: A live-action Pac-Man reality show

    Today’s episode of VG247 is brought to you by the letters “W,” “T,” and “F.”

    10 years ago
  • The WSJ describes GT5 and Mass Effect 2 as having "existed under the surface of the hype"

    The Wall Street Journal has published an article titled “The Unsung Videogame Heroes of 2010,” listing the little-known titles Gran Turismo 5, Mass Effect 2, God of War III and pretty much every other completely massive game of last year.

    10 years ago
  • Eurogamer responds to Peter Moore's “WTF?”

    EA Sports president Peter Moore’s Christmas could’ve been better. After tearing through five days’ worth of wrapping paper, the one gift he most desired failed to materialize. And sadly, no amount of Hallmark-disguised holiday cash will ever net FIFA 09 a spot on Eurogamer’s prestigious Top 50. “Huh? WTF?? As in WHERE THE HELL IS […]

    12 years ago
  • Final Fantasy IV cell phone sequel casting its spell on Western Wiis?

    Don’t arch your eyebrows skeptically at us; we’re only the messenger. Do, however, allow your piercing gaze to land on Square Enix, who may have a Wii port of a cell phone game waiting in the wings.The rumor stems from a comment made by Square Enix’s master of all things FFIV, Takashi Tokita. In response […]

    12 years ago