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Everyone needs to see this cheap, awful, brilliant PS4 Christmas theme

Marvel as the commercialisation of Christmas continues to plummet new and exciting depths.

It’s that time of year again: Halloween is over, and so it falls on someone to “discover” the viral PS4 sensation catchingly titled Slyde: Santa Dance 4K Christmas and New Years. This time it fell to X Formerly Twitter user YzisPX, who appears to have gotten a buttload of engagement this morning by reposting someone else’s video of the theme from four years ago. And good luck to them. Gotta love the sheer brazenness of it.

It’s a garish dynamic theme which features a PS2 Santa and three presumably elfish backing dancers strutting along to the worst version of Jingle Bells you’ve ever heard. It’s cheaply produced, it’s absolutely horrid, and yes, you must own it.

The theme is, for some reason, linked to the game Slyde. You know Slyde, right? Of course you don’t. Nobody does. Unless they're the sort of person who would pay actual money just to get a platinum trophy on their account. Basically, Slyde is a 2018 puzzle game in which stock images are split into tiles with you have to, ahem, slyde around until they’re all in the right place. Essentially a jigsaw with no Z axis. It's crap, because the whole point is that it'll give you a plat in ten seconds.

If you enjoy instant but vanishingly hollow gratification it’s available for less than two quid on PSN right now. Quite what it has to do with Santa Dance 4K Christmas and New Years Dynamic Theme is a mystery, but curiously, the theme costs twice as much as the game and looks like it had a bigger art budget.

I’ve bought it now. It’s on my account. The theme that is, not the game. I'm not bothered about trophies because I have things to do.

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