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New World Briar Branches: Where to find Briars, branches, thorny vines, and more

New World Briar Branches are an essential item for completing one of the Windsward quests, but you’ll want to search out Briars early on anyway.

The Briar Branches are only good for the quest — unless that changes once the full game launches. The rest of the bush gives you handy items for crafting mana potions, however, and you’ll need those for completing Town Quests.

New World Briar Branches | Where to find briars

Briar Branches are, naturally, gathered from the briar plant. Briar locations tend to be around water sources, especially rivers. Briar bushes look like you’d expect: big masses of tangled vines.

Some are located right near the water’s edge, though others might be further back a little ways.

Just keep an eye to the landscape as you’re traveling along rivers. There’s no shortage of waterways in New World, so finding the Briar Branches you need should be no trouble. If you want to finish two quests at the same time, though, head to the Broad Fishing Hotspot.

New World Briar Branches | Making Mana Potions

In addition to branches, briars yield Briar Buds and Thorny Vines, which you’ll need to craft a Weak Mana Potion. You'll probably end up with quite a few of these while you grab Briar Branches, and you can put them to good use.

As the name suggests, Weak Mana Potions don’t restore that much mana compared to their stronger siblings. Weak Mana Potions aren’t so useful to you unless you’re just starting out. However, you’ll need 15 of them to finish one of New World’s Town Missions.

The Broad Fishing Hotspot has a dozen or more briars around it. You might not get all the buds and vines you need at once, but it’s a good place to start.

While you're on the hunt for items in New World, take some time to level up your logging skill so you can harvest Aged Wood.

Or, if you're feeling lucky, seek out Iron Veins to try and nab some rare Fae Iron. Once you've had your fill of gathering, take on some of the game's bosses, including Boatswain Ambrose and Alastor.

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