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New World Fae Iron locations and how to raise mining luck

New World Fae Iron is a rare resource you’ll need a fair bit of to get some quality equipment.

However, rare is an understatement. Finding Fae Iron is more about luck than looking in the right place, but fortunately, there are a few key ways you can increase your luck to find more of the rare stone.

New World Fae Iron | Where to find Fae Iron

Fae Iron comes from Iron Veins, and that’s only when it feels like it. The chance of acquiring Fae Iron when you’re mining Iron Veins is rather low. Fortunately, New World has Iron Veins aplenty.

New World Fae Iron | Iron Vein locations

The images below (thanks New World Map) show some of the most concentrated areas of Iron Vein in the map’s southern area. The first image is zoomed out for context. Iron Vein exist further north, but they’re much less common.

New World Fae Iron | How to get Fae Iron

You can boost your chances of getting Fae Iron in a few ways. The first is using Azoth to craft a pickaxe. Most quests will grant you some Azoth as a reward, but there’s also a high chance of finding Azoth when you defeat enemies with a blue aura around them.

Using Azoth when crafting a pickaxe only gives a chance of getting the Mining Luck perk. If you want a slightly more reliable method, head to the kitchen.

There’s a slew of recipes you can make to increase your mining luck, as part of New World's detailed character progression system.

New World mining luck recipes
TierRecipeEffectCooking Level
1Roasted Potatoes Slight increase0
2Herb-Roasted PotatoesSmall increase9
3Boiled PotatoesModerate increase24
4Poultry with Roasted PotatoesSignificant39
5Salted Roasted PotatoesLarge54

Naturally, the first two or three are easier and faster to get. If you need gear with better damage and don’t want to wait on luck, then raising your cooking level is a good way to get Fae Iron faster.

Here's everything you need Fae Iron to craft:

  • Sapling Brand
  • Earthen Smasher
  • Earth Battered Axe
  • Twig of Azoth Tree
  • Hunter’s Longshot
  • Dryad Walking Stick
  • Sapling’s Fury
  • Shaman Initiate’s Staff

You'll need to keep yourself safe while exploring for Iron Veins, and in New World, keeping plenty of ammo on hand is one way to do that. You'll need saltpeter, though, and plenty of it.

Or if you're more into crafting and potion brewing, here's where to find Petal Cap in New World.

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