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Where to find Petalcaps for Corruption Tinctures in New World

Hidden herbs are the best herbs

Now that New World has fully launched, you're free to explore the forest and fields, full of intriguing ingredients to add to your potions, elixirs and tinctures - alongside less familiar flora.

One such glowing fungus is the Fronded Petalcap, which can offer the key ingredients used in many different kinds of potions.

Like other plants you can harvest, to gather resources from a Petal Cap, you'll need at least a flint sickle equipped to your character.

Also like other semi-rare resources in New World, Petal Cap can be tough to locate at first. However, once you get a sense for where you need to look, you can start to grind out large amounts quickly, since you get more than one item per node harvested.

Where to find Petal Cap in New World

You can find Fronded Petalcap in any forested area throughout New World. However, it spawns much less often than other common nodes like bushes or hemp.

There are a couple of early areas where you can definitely find Petal Cap though, and once you know what to look for, it will be much easier to find more further afield too.

While you can get petalcaps in different areas, it's easy to collect them around the area of Windsward.

Windsward Village Petal Cap location

One place that Fronded Petalcap seems to spawn is next to water.

Just to the west of Windsward Village, there's a small pond where you can learn to fish. But a Petal Cap seems to spawn on the eastern side of this body of water if you just need a small amount for one potion.

Cooper's Ranch Petal Cap location

If you're trying to grind out a larger amount to go on a bigger crafting spree, then you can find lots of Fronded Petalcap nodes in the forest area around Cooper's Ranch.

Northwest of Windsward Village, if you make your way around the outside of the ranch, you'll see lots of different Petal Cap plants to harvest.

How to turn Petal Caps into Corruption Tinctures

In New World, you do the majority of your potion making either at a camp or an Arcane Repository in a town.

If you don't want to spend your own resources on a new camp, there's usually a few crafted by other players just outside any built up area you can use.

Petal cap can be used as an earth reagent or protective reagent, so to craft a Corruption Tincture, all you need to do is combine it with a water reagent to brew the potion.

The easiest water reagent to find is Rivercress, which you can collect from bodies of water once your gathering skill is past level 30.

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