Vip Demo

Tom Clancy’s End War VIP 360 demo is (finally) live

Ubisoft has sent an email informing us that the Tom Clancy’s End War VIP 360 demo has finally gone live, and as a reward for your patience you get an extra VIP key for a friend. Isn’t that nice.“We apologize for the repeated delays on the EndWar VIP demo and we are pleased to confirm […]

12 years ago

Vip Demo headlines

  • EndWar pre-orders buy access to "VIP demo"

    According to this IGN report, those that pre-order voice-controlled console RTS Tom Clancy’s EndWar are going to get an invite to a “VIP demo,” which is another name for an open beta, apparently. From the piece:In what is essentially an open beta, buyers will be have access to multiplayer functionality and participate in a final […]

    12 years ago