Xbox Live gay banning spreads to absurdity

According to this Kotaku piece, a UK gamer has had his GamerTag banned from Xbox Live because his name is Richard Gaywood. The GamerTag in question was the hugely inflammatory “RichardGaywood”.This latest farce comes after a gay man had his GamerTag removed from the service for calling himself “thegayergamer”, a moniker that drew complaints from […]

12 years ago

Thegayergamer headlines

  • Microsoft explains gay gamer name ban

    Microsoft’s Stephen Toulouse has explained the reasoning behind the banning of GamerTag “thegayergamer” on his blog. The company deemed it was in breech of terms and conditions, basically.“Terms of Use clearly disallow content of a sexual nature,” he said. The clause in Live’s user terms states:“[a member may not] Create a Gamertag or use text […]

    12 years ago
  • Gay gamer has GamerTag banned from Live

    Update: Microsoft’s explained the reasoning behind the ban here. The company deemed the name in breech of Live’s terms, apparently.According to Destructoid, a gay gamer with a GamerTag “thegayergamer” has had his moniker banned from Live by Microsoft because other players found it offensive. Said the chap in question:I have had a bad morning. Last […]

    12 years ago