Survival Pack

The Resistance Collection will run you $39.99 this winter

The Resistance Collection, which includes all three games in the series from Insomniac Games and the bonus DLC content for Resistance 2 and Resistance 3 will run you $39.99 when it releases this winter on PS3.

8 years ago

Survival Pack headlines

  • Left 4 Dead Survival Pack DLC goes live for 360

    Nelson’s confirmed that Left 4 Dead’s Survival Pack DLC’s up on Live.The update’s free, and contains Survival mode and two extra complete campaigns for Versus mode.The PC version’s expected “soon”.

    11 years ago
  • Left 4 Dead Survival Pack out today

    Good news, morning people. The Left 4 Dead Survival Pack is to release this morning at 2.00am PST.That’s 10.00am GMT if you’re in the UK, and this is the 360 version. The PC download is coming today, but doesn’t have a time on it as yet.

    11 years ago
  • Left 4 Dead Survival Pack DLC dated for 360

    Microsoft’s put an April 21 date on the 360 version on Left 4 Dead’s Survival Pack DLC, CVG reports.The pack includes the new Survival mode, which challenges players to hold out against a never ending wave of infected for as long as possible, as well as the Dead Air and Death Toll campaigns in Versus […]

    11 years ago
  • Left 4 Dead DLC is free, says Valve

    Valve’s confirmed that the recently announced Left 4 Dead Survival Pack isn’t going to cost a bean.Here’s the proof. The pack includes and all-new play mode, Survival, and two new campaigns for Versus mode.Free. Free. And once more: free.

    11 years ago
  • Left 4 Dead and GTA IV DLC on GTTV tonight

    Tonight’s GameTrailers TV episode is to feature footage of GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned, as well as a first look at Left 4 Dead’s now-announced Survival Pack content.It’s going live at 1.00am PST, with is 9.00am GMT for the Britishers in the crowd. More here.Thanks, Kotaku.

    11 years ago