Google Lively getting a boost from game developers

Google made a few pebble-sized splashes when it waded into the videogame industry with Lively, but as with anything Google does, it won’t remain obscure for long. At the Austin GDC, the ubiquitous online company announced the next step in its plan to expand Lively: opening the gates to game developers.For now, Google plans to […]

12 years ago

Lively headlines

  • Second Life + Google = Lively

    Today, Google launched Lively, a pseudo-game that is essentially the result of the equation in the headline.The “game’s” main bullet point seems to be “self-expression,” as it sets its sights on avatar customization and room creation. Based on the number and variety of rooms already available, it seems Lively is quite versatile.Currently, Lively will only […]

    13 years ago