Report: Even with slimmer model, Sony still loses $37 per PS3 unit

A report from iSuppli has revealed that Sony may finally break-even with PS3 thanks to the slim model, despite still losing money per unit manufactured.According to the report, at launch the console cost around $805 to build with the highest-priced version selling for $599, and the lower end selling for $399 – which cost the […]

11 years ago

Isuppli headlines

  • PS3 production costs down 35 percent - still selling at a loss

    According to research firm iSuppli, PS3’s manufacturing costs are now down 35 percent compared with 2007.Back then the machine’s components cost $690.23, but as of October last year the console cost $448.73 to manufacture.Sony is therefore still making a loss on every console sold.However, “PS3 may be able to break even in 2009 with further […]

    12 years ago