Tsunoda: First Gears of War gameplay was “repetitive”

Speaking to Eurogamer, Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda has admitted feeling that the first Gears of War could have done with a bit more variation.“The gameplay could sometimes be a little repetitive in Gears of War 1,” he said. “It’s like, okay, you move forward a little bit, duck and cover, pop a few guys, move forward […]

13 years ago

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  • Tsunoda confirmed as new Gears of War boss

    Microsoft boss Shane Kim has confirmed that ex-EA Chicago man Kudo Tsunoda is now heading up Epic’s Gears of War business.“I’m really excited about it,” Kim told IGN at DICE last week. “We wanted to put more focus behind [Gears], and it’s great to get a creative lead like Kudo.”

    13 years ago