UK teacher dobs school kids in for illicit late night gaming

A concerned teacher has found extended late night gaming sessions are having a detrimental effect on his student’s health and education, and contacted over 600 parents to alert them to the problem.

10 years ago

Children headlines

  • Study: Young boys don't progress as quickly in school if gamers

    According to a study conducted by Denison University in Ohio, videogames can hurt knowledge retention in school and with homework.

    11 years ago
  • Man films children playing games

    The New York Times is running a film made by photographer Robbie Cooper which consists solely of children’s faces as they play games.It’s both funny and frightening. That little ginger sucker looks as though he’s about to chew his lips off.Take a look.

    13 years ago
  • 40% of US gamers are women, ESA study shows

    Newly launched Edge-Online is reporting that an ESA study has shown that 40 percent of gamers in the US are female.In addition, 94 percent of parents questioned by the survey said they are present when their kids buy games, and that 64 percent of them feel that videogaming has a positive effect on their children’s […]

    13 years ago
  • Site seeks to educate parents about games

    A new site, seeking to provide the necessary information for parents seeking to understand and control games their children play, has launched in the US. What They Play appears to be all about laying the gaming “thing” out in words of one syllable so little Billy can’t blag his parents into believing GTA should be […]

    13 years ago