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Super Mario Odyssey - check out the first 18 minutes of gameplay

Super Mario Odyssey is out tomorrow and we have 18 minutes of gameplay to prepare you for the fun that awaits.

This video of Super Mario Odyssey gameplay kicks off at the start of the game and carries on for 18 minutes.

Reviews for the game went live today, and our very own Alex Donaldson provided his thoughts on it. He called it "the best Mario game in many, many years," which makes us rather happy to hear.

Other reviews have popped up for it, and you can look over our Super Mario Odyssey scores round up if you're keen. We'll add more scores in when made available.

Watch on YouTube

In the video above, Arekkz takes you through acquiring Cappy, Mario's trusted ally throughout the game, and learning how to use the cap. The are various items in the game Cappy can be tossed at which show secrets and reveal coins.

It goes without saying if you want to remain unspoiled, skip watching the video and just wait until you have your very own copy of Super Mario Odyssey.

Super Mario Odyssey is now available for pre-load on Switch for those who pre-ordered.

It will release on the eShop and at retail tomorrow, October 27.

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