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What's the best Easter game? What even IS an Easter game?

We've not had Christmas yet, but we're extremely odd here at VG247.

If you didn't listen to last week's show you might be confused as to why we're doing a an Easter episode in September. Well, Jim was goaded into it (like he was with the Christmas episode), so we're doing it. We also reserve the right to do another one when it's actually Easter (we're smart like that).

What constitutes an "Easter Game" is even more wooly a concept than an "Easter Movie", because examples of entire games themed around Easter are few and far between. This is probably because game development takes longer, is harder, and is less likely to actually make a planned release date for the holiday season. And even if it did, it would have a very short window to make money in. So the idea of pitching an Easter game is probably a laughable one in the halls of a game publisher. While a lot of this text was re-used from the Christmas episode blurb, I just can't think of how to shoehorn in Die Hard, so that part is being cut.

Still, there are plenty of games with Easter elements: rolling hills with bunnies, Easter Bunny costumes, eggs, Jesus, seasonal events. While there are examples of coverdisc games from decades past that were xmas versions of existing titles - think Christmas Nights Into Dreams, or Cannon Soccer - I can't remember any Easter ones. Can you? Unless you're old and decrepit like I am you won't remember what a coverdisc is, if so, it's sort of like a magazine with DLC, but the DLC is included from the start.

So, what's the best Easter Game according to our esteemed panel? To find out, you'll have to watch or listen to our show. Which, handily, is probably what you're here to do.

Special thanks to David Bulmer for performing "Jim's Theme".

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No summary of the show this week as Jim is off and refused to get this prepared before he left. Seeing as no one has time to make little jokes any more in the year 2023, that's your lot. Sorry. Deal with it.

But please do come back in a week for another exciting instalment of the Best Games Ever Show.

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