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Super Mario Odyssey mod ups the Mario count with 10 player, online co-op

Don Cappy one more time, now with added friends.

For all of you that have been clamouring for 10-player, online co-op for Super Mario Odyssey, today is your lucky day, because there's now a mod for that.

What is Mario, if not just a little guy? He's maybe one of the best little guys! Unfortunately, there is also only one of him on most occasions, but a new multiplayer mod from a group of fans seeks to change that (thanks, VGC). Simply titled Super Mario Odyssey Online, the mod allows for up to 10 players to hang out in the various kingdoms of the 2017 Nintendo title.

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"Have fun exploring kingdoms with friends, playing game modes, or beating the game as fast as possible," reads the trailer's description. "This mod is still early in development, so expect bugs and unrefined aspects as we work hard to improve it and make the mod as polished as possible."

Aside from being able to play with up to 10 players total, features include full 2D and costume models syncing, moon collection being shared between all players, and while it's currently a work in progress, support for custom game modes.

The mod comes from CraftyBoss, who has made a number of different mods for Mario Odyssey in the past. And looking at the trailer, the online looks as natural as if Nintendo itself had made it. Though considering the company's shaky history with online multiplayer, possibly even better than what it could cook up.

Super Mario Odyssey has proven to be an incredibly popular game since its launch almost five years ago. As of March this year, sales figures reached around 23.5 million units. That matches up pretty nicely with the 103.5 million units that the Switch itself has sold, making it Nintendo's best-selling home console, and cementing it as one of the best selling consoles of all time.

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