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Sons of the Forest Flashlight location: How to get a flashlight and flashlight upgrades

A must-have for caves and dark corners of the island. Here's how to get a flashlight.

Update: Sons of the Forest has received a few updates since it first launched into Early Access, so we've update this page to reflect any changes or updates to the game.

The island you find yourself on in Sons of the Forest is covered in caves, dark corners and creepy cannibals. Also, night can of course be dangerous with cannibals wallowing around. For these reasons, a flashlight is a must have for each and every player hoping to survive.

As such, we’ve written up this guide on how to get a flashlight in Sons of the Forest, so you can quickly shine a light on every corner of the game relatively worry-free. We’ve also listed out the location of flashlight upgrades, so you can beef it up as you play.

Sons of the Forest Flashlight location

The flashlight can be found close to your initial spawn point, attached to a body hanging by a rope off a nearby cliff. You can find its location on the map below, but you’ll also see it marked on your phone GPS when you’re nearby. It’ll also beep when you’re close.

Location of the flashlight in Sons of the Forest
This should be close to any of the spawn points you can have.

To pick up the flashlight, make your way to the top of the cliff. When at the top, you’ll find the rope tied around a rock on the cliff edge. Cut this rope using your axe, and the body will plummet onto the ground below.

Make your way back down to the forest floor, and you’ll find the flashlight on the ground near the body. This is a darn handy tool for lighting areas you explore, but beware, you’ll need to recharge it every so often with batteries that you'll find across the island.

How to get flashlight upgrades in Sons of the Forest

There are two flashlight upgrades hidden around the map, which you can attach to your flashlight to improve it significantly. The first, can be found inside a boarded up cave on a frozen lake marked on the map below. You’ll know you’re the right place when you see the three bodies frozen in the lake by the entrance.

Here' in a hidden cave by frozen corpses, is your the first flashlight upgrade in SOns of the Forest.
See map: location of hidden cave containing first flashlight upgrade.

To enter the cave, you’ll need both a rebreather and a rope gun. Make your way through the cave, and you’ll eventually find your way to a dead body with the flashlight nearby. There’s also a shovel in that cave system, so it’s well worth heading down there when you can. It is dangerous though, so be careful.

The second flashlight upgrade can be found on the east side of the island, at the location marked on the map below.

The second upgrade for the flashlight location in Sons of the Forest
East of the lake, embedded in the rock, is the cave entrance.

You’ll need a VIP keycard for this, so be sure you have it before you make the trek down there. The entrance is embedded into the rock, near the lake. Use the VIP card and make your way down the stairs, then take the brown door to your left. You’ll find a big nasty gross monster there that you’ll need to either kill or run past.

Once past the big monster, take the door at the other side of the room, then the second door to your right. You’ll enter a chill room with a body on the floor near a sofa. On a table in the centre of the room, near a chess board, is your final flashlight upgrade.

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