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How to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest

The best of the bunch.

Recruiting Sons of the Forest's Virginia is a wise decision, but only if you know what you’re doing. Like pretty much everything else in EndNight’s survival game, befriending Virginia takes a bit of trial and error.

Unlike pretty much everything else in Endnight’s survival game, she actually doesn’t want to murder you and eat your flesh, so if you make a mistake, the only consequence is that Virginia runs away for a while.

If you’re patient and manage to befriend her, she can be an invaluable companion, and great ally in battle.

How to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Virginia may randomly approach you at any point after you arrive on the island. As far as we can tell, there’s no principle governing when she appears. The only conditions that seem to affect her are weather. Despite the promotional image showing Virginia – or a Virginia, if not the Virginia – in the snows outside a cabin, she seems to dislike extreme cold and won’t appear or follow you once the weather turns snowy.

How to befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest

When Virgnia first approaches you, she’ll keep her distance and act afraid. Stay still, and put away your weapons by pressing “G.” She may or may not get closer. If she doesn’t, just go about your normal business. Virginia will show up again later, and you just need to repeat the process – stay still, put your weapons away, and see if she approaches you.

Eventually, Virginia won’t run away and will come closer, and she should stick around after that point without fleeing, even if you have weapons out or engage in combat. It’s also worth pointing out that Virginia won’t come back to life if you kill her, so don’t do that.

Virginia might bring you materials from time to time, but more importantly, she also joins you in battle. You can give her a shotgun and pistol to wield simultaneously, so even if convincing her you’re safe takes time and patience, it’s worth doing for the battle benefits alone.

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