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Sons of the Forest to improve AI companions, and possibly add new mode of transport

There'll also be a new enemy and crafting recipes eventually.

Following a developer Q&A which occurred across both Reddit and Discord, players of Sons of the Forest have finally been given some answers about what to expect from the game in future (thanks, PC Gamer).

“We have big plans to keep adding tasks Kelvin can complete,” says Endnight Games. There are plans to possibly have the AI companion help construct defensive walls around our bases, while also repairing/fortifying bases when necessary.

Right now, Kelvin is great for collecting building resources, and even food, but he is honestly a tad useless beyond that. That said, he’s still fun to keep around, as well as Virginia.

“For Virgina, we plan to add more to her AI, particularly giving her more bravery if she has a weapon, and also depending on how many mutants/cannibals she has killed,” shares Endnight when on the topic of Sons of the Forest’s beloved companions, which were instantly a hit with players, even if Kelvin does enjoy tearing treehouses down.

In addition, Endnight Games has also shared a few other things it plans to work on. Firstly, new details and cutscenes will be added to enhance Sons of the Forest’s story, as well as new variations to cannibal camps, including a new enemy. There’ll also be new items to craft eventually, and further tools to prevent any bad apples from disrupting public servers.

When the game launched, there was an immediate demand for log sleds to return in Sons of the Forest. This particular item, used for moving a tonne of logs from point A to point B in The Forest, is not present in Sons of the Forest right now. Endnight shares that, “this is one of the really cool things about Early Access. Internally, we didn’t realise how much people really liked the log sled, and due to the number of bugs it had in the first game, we were not sure if it was worth putting back in or not.”

Alas, those of us who dearly miss the beloved log sled may have some good news: “In the last week since release, it’s become clear that it’s something players miss.” It’s not at all confirmation that the log sled will return, but the fact that Endnight has acknowledged how many of us miss the contraption so much gives me some hope that it’ll return.

A full run-down of the community Q&A with Endnight Games can be found on YouTube, and you’ll no doubt find that plenty of questions have still been left unanswered. For example, you might also be begging for a faster way around this vast island; getting from one side to the other can take a solid half an hour of holding ‘W’ at the best of times.

“We do have what we think is a really cool idea for [faster forms of transportation] but don’t want to go into details in case it isn’t as fun as we think it might be, or doesn’t work well with the environment,” says Endnight.

Most recently, my friends and I set up an endless amount of ziplines around the island, even turning the peak of the snowy mountain into our own sledding course. I’m pretty happy with this mode of transportation for now, but if Endnight could let me zip around in one of the many golf buggies dotted around the place, that would be cool too.

What would you like to see in Sons of the Forest in future?

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