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Sekiro walkthrough part 6 - finishing the Hirata Estate

With some more action under your belt, now's your moment to return to the vision of the Hirata Estate and finish it for good. You'll have two tough bosses to beat here, as well as some story progression.

As is customary, here is your one and only spoiler warning.

Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen

From the Estate Path Shrine, scale the roof behind you before making your way up the path, avoiding the guards down below. Sneak along the roof until you reach the doorway then drop down and pass through. You’ll see a grappling point to the right, so use that to get back to safety on the rooftops.

Keep going until you reach the stairs where there will be a guard with a torch. Sneak up behind up to take him out, then watch out for the two guys at the top of the stairs who have shields. Use the Shinobi Axe to smash their shields to bits and get in for the kill.

Next, grapple the large tree then to the rooftop on the left. You’ll be able to stealth attack the next enemy from above. There are a few more enemies ahead of him, so get to a safe distance and wait until they can’t see you anymore before dropping down into the grass and flowers below.

Stalk them for a new seconds before stealth killing them, or just try your luck by taking on all four at once. There are two guys on the main path and two over to the right, so use the flowers to in to sneak up on them and deal some devastating blows.

The final guy to defeat is Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen. Try not to aggro him while you take out the other guards, but if you do, focus on defeating the other weaker guards before taking him on - you don't want any distractions. He has two red dots over his Vitality bar, so you’ll need to inflict a two Deathblows to beat him.

You can get one stealth deathblow in for free by sneaking up on him through the long grass. He uses a bunch of unblockable thrust attacks, so keep your distance and use a Shuriken to interrupt. He’s a quick bastard, so dodge and deflect fast and strike back quicker. Defeat him and you’ll get a Prayer Bead.

To get the edge on his thrust attacks, you can obtain the Mikiri Counter skill from a shrine to let you counter thrusts. This helps you to deal posture damage to him and deal a deathblow. Try to dodge diagonally forward past the Shinobi Hunter's attacks and counterattack.

The road ahead is now unblocked and you can continue on. On the left-hand side of the door you’ll find a Mibu Possession Balloon, and on the right of the door, over beside the little hut, you’ll find some Pellets that will restore your Vitality.

Head through the door and have a wee rest at the Sculptor’s Idol.

Follow the path around until you see a grappling point or a guard with a torch, whichever comes first. If you decide to grapple, make your way around the rocks and you’ll see two enemies waiting near the edge of a platform. Sneak up on them both and take them out.

Follow the path and you’ll see the guard with the torch again. Hide in the long grass and sneak to the beside beneath where he is standing before launching a surprise attack. Be careful, though, as there are a group of enemies at the top of the stairs waiting to ambush you.

Watch out for the archers and their fiery bows and defeat all the enemies. Once you cross the bridge there are three more enemies to face, one of which is wielding a massive baton. You can choose to fight him or just run away if you’re a big scaredy cat. They won't follow too far.

As you go up the steps you’ll see that everything is on fire. Enter this area and speak to your dad who’s downed against a building and grab a key from him that you'll need for later.

Juzou the Drunkard

Now head back to the Estate Path Sculptor’s Idol, then follow the path up to the bridge just before where you fought the Shinobi Hunter.

On your way, jump down and sneak attack the two guards with the torches. Go through the archway and grapple on to the roof on the right. Run along for a while then grapple to the roof on the left then look below at the two guards to Eavesdrop. After that, jump down and attack them.

Jump on to the roof on your left then just down over the doorway with the flowers in front of it. Follow the woodland path around to find a Bundled Jizo Statue in the trees. Go back the way you came then carry on up the stairs to find a guard with a torch and two others with shields.

After you've dealt with the shield guards, instead of crossing the bridge this time, jump into the water to your left. Follow the water path around, through the rocks, until you see a large tree root sticking out. Grapple onto that when prompted, then follow the grapple points up to the left until you reach the top of the cliff edge.

There should be a little house right at the top, with a guy with a torch at the front of it near a shrine. Sneak up behind him and kill him before moving on. Follow the path through the trees to your left and you’ll see a few more enemies as the path bends to the right.

You’ll probably get away with stealth killing one guy before needing to fight your way through, or you could use an item to distract them or lure them away. Watch out for their charged axe attacks, the archer and the guy wielding a fiery torch.

Once the group has been dealt with, head inside the cave. As you head inside you’ll find a guy just to the right with a torch, so watch out. Follow the back round and you’ll come to a bit of a dead end at a brick wall.

Jump and climb your way up the shaft until you jump out at the top where everything is on fire. Follow the path to the left and you’ll come across a Sculptor’s Idol. Have a rest there, then spin around and follow the path behind you.

As you go around the buildings you’ll come across an archer. Get rid of him then grapple on to the roof on the right. Make your way across the roofs and you’ll see a group of enemies below. Position yourself as high as possible on the roof to avoid being spotted - you don't need the hassle of taking them out before the coming battle.

When you run out of roof to walk on, jump down to the courtyard below and head into the river. Follow the river round to the right and grapple onto the reddish rock when the prompt appears. Jump across to the land on the other side and into the house opposite, using the stairs on the left.

There’s a guard just as you go in, so try to sneak up on him. Kill the guard in the next room and start walking through the house. Make your way to the end where you’ll see a guard with a shield. Sneak up on him, but be wary that there are another four or five enemies in the area that you’ll trigger by killing him.

There will be an archer, a stronger enemy with a torch and eventually a boss, Juzou the Drunkard, will appear. You can check out our Boss guide on how to beat him here.

Defeat all of the smaller enemies first before focusing your attention on Juzou.

Make use of the buildings on the left and hide behind them where you can to help you plan how to attack him or heal. If you hide for long enough, Juzou will start to walk away, giving you the opportunity to sneak up behind him and hit him with a surprise attack.

Nogami Gensai is standing near the rocks by the river and you can ask him to help. He acts as a good distraction so you can get around the back of Juzou and slash him a half dozen times or more. Just watch out for his poison attacks and that massive sword.

When Juzou drinks from his bottle, back a long way off, since he's about to spray poison breath. If Nogami dies, you'll have to take on Juzou alone. Deflect his regular sword blows and land one or two counter hits at the end of his combos - he deals a lot of damage, so don't get greedy.

Defeat him and you’ll get a Prayer Bead and Unrefined Sake, yum yum. Have a chat with Nogami afterwards and he’ll tell you to go on ahead.

Lady Butterfly

Head into the building and in the room to your left, you’ll find some Dousing Powder. On the opposite side of the room, you’ll find a Pellet.

Be aware that there are guards patrolling the house. Come out of the room and go to the left to find some Oil. Go back to the main entrance of the building and go through the centre door. Go to the back of the room then through the doorway on your left, then left again to find a Mibu Balloon of Soul. On your right, you’ll find a Sculptor’s Idol and a woman cowering.

Talk to the woman and she’ll tell you about the son of Owl and a terrible vision, and that the Young Lord is deep in the mansion. She’ll say that her son, Inosuke, went to rescue him and that he’s probably fine, but that you should probably go and rescue him. Have a wee rest at the shrine before you continue.

You’ll see an archer at the end of the corridor, so sneak up on him if you can. Once he’s dealt with, head down the stairs where you’ll find the next boss, Lady Butterfly.

She is wicked fast, so time your shots and dodge and deflect like hell. She’ll try and attack you with an unblockable aerial move that deals a ton of damage, so watch out when she jumps into the air.

There are two main strategies that you can employ here. Either be aggressive in your deflects and counterblows, getting up in her face to deal relentless damage. This is more skill intensive, and can go wrong quickly, however it'll end the fight much, much quicker.

The second method is to whittle down her health using blocks and your Whirlwind Slash combat art. If you're stoic in defence, this will eventually work.

Once you've reduced her first health bar, the fight will enter its second phase.

She’ll summon some spectral helpers in the next phase as well as some pretty but deadly butterfly attacks, as if she wasn’t difficult enough to beat the first time around.

You can use Snap Peas to dispel the spectres, but they're not to tough to quickly chop down - just be mindful of Lady Butterfly's attacks at the same time. Repeat your tactics from the first phase and she'll go down.

Beat her and you’ll get The Phantom Lady Butterfly trophy/ achievement.

You’ll be able to commune with the Sculptor’s Idol to increase your Attack Power after defeating her. You also get a Sakura Droplet that increases your Resurrective Power later in the game. A cutscene will then play and the giant statue will fall to the ground, after which you’ll be stabbed through the chest.

You’ll see the young lord thanking you for your bravery and loyalty, telling you to take his blood so that you might live again.

You’ll wake up in Ashina Outskirts. Talk to the Sculptor and he’ll tell you that it appears “as though your old memories have been awakened” and you’ll remark that you saw the Divine Heir. You can ask him what Buddha showed him, or say nothing.

If you ask him, he’ll try to rebuff you, but eventually will say he saw flames that were consuming Ashina and everything around. Once the conversation is over, spin around and go down to the Sculptor’s Idol to rest and get back to Ashina Castle.

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