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Sekiro Mask Fragment Guide - How to increase your attack power with skill points

What use could an old dancer’s mask be to a battle-hardened shinobi? A whole lot as it turns out, here’s where to find all of the Mask Fragments and create the Dancing Dragon Mask.

What the Dancing Dragon Mask allows you to do is increase your attack power using skill points instead of the memories dropped by the game’s toughest enemies.

This means that you can grind out attack upgrades to make the One-armed Wolf deal more damage against end-game bosses, instead of relying solely on your defensive skills and healing. If you just can’t finish off the game, then this might be the break you’re after.

If you’re sensitive to spoilers, or don’t want to know anything about Sekiro’s hidden secrets or late-game locales, be warned, we’ll be discussing one of the game’s final areas to get this item.

Like with everything in Sekiro, getting your hands on the completed Dancing Dragon Mask isn’t easy, requiring a fair enough of grinding, as well as knowing where to look.

Where to find all the Mask Fragments

For a video runthrough of the process, we’ve embedded the below video from Sir Larold:

Mask Fragment: Dragon

This is probably the first Mask Fragment that you came across on the beaten path, and have a realistic chance of getting without too much difficulty.

In the Ashina Castle area, you’ll find the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance Shrine close to the main Ashina Castle Idol. Sat next to the Shrine, you’ll see a merchant, called the Dungeon Memorial Mob. As well as a Prayer Bead, he’ll have the first Mask Fragment - the Dragon - in his inventory.

It’s a heavy investment at 5,000 Sen, but by this point in the game you should have found plenty of gold pouches to sell. Alternatively, the Mibu Village and Hirata Estate are good areas to farm for Sen, because they contain high concentrations of generally quite weak enemies.

Once you’ve got the cash, pick up the Fragment from the merchant and be on your way.

Mask Fragment: Right

You can find another Mask Fragment in one of Sekiro’s earlier areas too. If you travel to the Dragonspring - Hirate Estate Shrine in the Hirata Estate, you can jump down towards a bridge below.

Instead of walking across the bridge, jump off to the right and keep swimming towards the rocks on the right. Eventually, you’ll see an area in the middle of the water that you can stand on, as well as a blue pot that you can interact with.

No, you’re not going crazy, the pot talks, and it wants to trade you fish scales for powerful items.

This is the Pot Noble, one of Sekiro’s hidden merchants. To buy his items, you need to kill special fish and collect Treasure Carp Scales, which can be found throughout Sekiro in watery areas. We have a full guide on where to find treasure carp if you’re stuck.

Once you’ve got 7 Carp Scales, come back to the Pot Noble and grab the Mask Fragment.

Mask Fragment: Left

You can’t get hold of the third fragment until you’ve made it all the way to the Fountainhead Palace later on in the game.

Travel to the Palace Grounds Shrine, then walk into the building in front of you. Inside, go out of the door to your left, then turn immediately right. Go under the waterfall and jump off of the ledge just past it, grappling to the point that appears as you do.

Run through the next tunnel, then grapple to the top of the pagoda in front of you, before dropping down to the ground.

On the other side of the pagoda you’ll see another Idol Shrine, and next to it, another Pot Noble!

This one wants 12 Carp Scales for their piece of the Mask, so you’ll have to grind a little bit harder. At least by the end of the process, you’ll probably have racked up plenty of experience to swap for attack power boosts.

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