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Sekiro walkthrough part 15 - Finding a Persimmon and collecting the Frozen Tears

Now the gates to the Fountainhead Palace are open, the climax of your Sekiro journey is drawing closer.

But first, if you want to get the game’s “best ending”, there are a few steps that you need to complete.

It’s called “Return”, and involves bringing specific items to the Divine child of Senpou Temple.

We’ll keep the description brief, since it’s already covered in our Sekiro best ending guide - which you can also consult if you want to queue up a different ending.

You’re doing this now because you’ll be locked out of different paths once you finish the Fountainhead Palace area.

Divine Child

Travel to the Inner Sanctum Shrine where you first met the Divine Child. She’ll be sitting where you left her inside.

To trigger the quest path you need to gift her the Holy Chapter: Infested, which you can either get from the master of Senpou Temple when you cleared the area earlier in your playthrough, or at the bottom of the pond in front of the Temple Grounds Shrine in Mt. Kongo.

Dive underwater in the pool and you’ll find not just a Prayer Bead, but the chapter as well.

Give the book to the Divine Child, and she’ll give you rice. Eat the rice, then go to the Shrine outside and teleport to any other one at random, rest, then come back to the Inner Sanctum and ask for more rice.

Repeat this a few times and she’ll be tired and slumped over in her seat. She’ll ask for a Persimmon fruit, which you can buy from the Memorial Mob merchant next to Shugendo Shrine in Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo.

Take the fruit back to her and she’ll give you some rice to give to the Young Lord. Teleport back to Kuro’s room and give it to him, then rest at a Shrine after the conversation.

He’ll give you some Sticky Rice Balls, which you can then go back to the Inner Sanctum and tell the Divine Child about.

At the Inner Sanctum, the Child is missing from her seat, so go outside and over to the beam of light in the corner that leads to the Hall of Illusion.

Walk forward to near the big tree, and speak to the Child at its base. She’ll send you after another book chapter.
Return to the Inner Sanctum, then go left up the stairs to the Main Hall. Ignore the door on your left that leads out to the straw-hat enemies, and walk forward before taking the exit on your right.

In front of you, there’s an entrance to a cave. Go inside, defeating the long-arms as you go. At the end of the cave, you’ll find the infested remains of the Senpou Temple founding Monk. On his body is the chapter you need.

Return to the Hall of Illusion and give it to the Child. Finally, she’ll send you after the fresh and dried fruits of the serpent, which you’ll have to tangle with the two large snek bois that’ve been trying to eat you for most of the game.

Fresh Fruit

The fresh fruit is the most complicated to obtain, and I’d recommend watching the video - timestamp: . To start, travel to the first Senpou Temple, Mt Kongo Shrine. Run out of the temple, and look over to the ledge in front of you. You’ll see a big giant dude sat against a tree. Down to the left of him you’ll see one of the short straw-hat guys in front of a kite.

Jump down, equip your puppeteer ninjutsu, and creep up on the small fella. Deathblow him, then do your puppeteer ninjutsu. Once he’s possessed, he’ll go over to the kite and crank it up into a new position.

Now turn around, grapple up to the tree branch behind you, and sprint up the path towards the temple at the top of the stairs, ignoring the monks on the way. Jump up into the building, head right, then left at the bottom of the stairs.

Run out of the temple, then head forward and to the right, grappling up into the tree on your right. At the top of the tree, you’ll be able to grapple over to the kite that you raised earlier.

In this new area, keep grappling over to the right until you reach a cave. Head inside and rest at the Shrine, then continue through the cave. Drop down on the other side to the Sunkey Valley Passage and walk out onto the protruding plank.

Below is the giant snake, jump off and deathblow it for the fresh fruit.

Dried Fruit

The dried fruit isn’t super easy to get either, but to start head to the Bodhisattva Valley Shrine just before where you fought the Guardian Ape.

Next to the Shrine, you’ll find the old snake lady who points you in the right direction. Rather than jumping down into the Ape’s clearing, jump down into the Sunken Valley with the Poison River.

Grapple to the tree branches, then down towards the ground. Follow the river upstream until the area opens up and you can bear right. Here you’ll find a Memorial Mob, and the entrance to a daunting cave.

Inside you’ll need to sprint past a lot of stuff. This can be a bit confusing, but is in the video at timestamp:

At the start of the cave, jump over to the right and hug the right-hand wall. Keep sprinting forward along the right wall, dropping down when you need to.

Eventually you’ll run underneath the snake and the wall will curve around to the left. Keep following it and you’ll have to crouch under the rock.

Now bear left, keeping on the left-hand side of the snake. Jump up the ledge in front of you, then right forwards with the cave wall on your left. When you reach the edge, jump off forward and keep running, dropping down when you need to.

Eventually you’ll come up to a ledge that you need to jump up onto. At the top there are some spirit emblems that are about to come in handy. Equip your puppeteer ninjutsu, and creep up on the monkey at the end of the ledge.

Deathblow and puppeteer it, and it’ll jump up and distract the giant snake. Look up to your right and you’ll be able to grapple up to where the snake’s head was. Now run into the temple to your left.

At the back of the temple, you’ll find the dried fruit, but there’s a snag - your way out is blocked.

Go out into the first room and look up above the altar in the second. You should be able to see a grapple point up above the altar to the right. Follow this cave out and you’ll find yourself in the Poison Pool in the Ashina Depths.

Use the Shrine here to travel back to the Inner Sanctum, where if you rest you should find the Divine Child back in her seat.

Give her the fruits, then rest at the Shrine. The door to her temple should be closed, so go and Eavesdrop on them. Then rest at the Shrine again.

With the doors open, go and speak to her. She’ll give you the Frozen Tears, which you can use later in the game.

Now return to Fountainhead Palace, ready to take on the new area.

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