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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Where to find more Divine Confetti and Snapseeds

As you make your way through Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you’re going to come up against challenging enemies that seem impossible to overcome at first.

in true FromSoftware fashion, a little perseverance (well, a lot actually) goes a long way, and there are items out there that can help you. But also in true FromSoftware fashion, many of these items are limited use and can run out. Two common ones are Divine Confetti and Snapseeds - so here’s where we’ve found more.

You can grab more Divine Confetti and Snapseeds as floor items, as well as farm the former from certain enemies.

Towards the end of both paragraphs we’ll discuss a late-game mechanic and enemy, so if you don’t want to know anything, consider this a spoiler warning.

Where to find more Divine Confetti

To lay your hands on more of this heavenly ticker tape, you have three options depending on where you are in the game. Most likely you’re trying to take down the merciless terror that is the Headless, but it works on the Shichimen Warrior in the Abandoned Dungeon and O’Rin of the Water too.

The first option is to find more on the ground. In the early game, this can be done in the Hirata Estate. Once you’ve reached the Hirata Estate - Main Hall Shrine, you can follow the path around until you reach a large group of enemies, killing a lone archer on your way. Clear out the enemies, and you’ll see an open door on your right - inside you’ll find 2 Divine Confetti.

Then, after you’ve beaten Juzou the Drunkard, you can go into the Audience Chamber area. On the left-hand side as you enter you’ll see two enemies. Over in this hallway, there’s a wall that you can hug to let you into a secret room. Inside you’ll find a Prayer Bead and some more Divine Confetti.

Your second option with Divine Confetti is to farm more as drops from enemies. The blue-robed samurai in the Upper Tower area of Ashina Castle have a rare chance to drop more, so make your way between the Antechamber and the Dojo Shrines, killing them all, then resting at each shrine. Make sure you use a Mibu Possession Balloon to increase your chances. This is also a good place to farm experience for Skill Points once you’ve got the Dancing Dragon Mask.

We've embedded a video from YouTuber Trevor Eriksen below, showing the route:

Finally, you can just buy more Divine Confetti from Fujioka the Merchant who takes up residence at the Dilapidated Temple after you’ve cleared the front of Ashina Castle. In the late game, once you’ve defeated the True Corrupted Monk and gained the Dragon Tally Board, he’ll have an infinite supply that you can just keep acquiring.

Where to find more Snapseeds

The main use of Snapseeds is to dispel the apparitions conjured by Lady Butterfly in the second phase of her fight, but you can also use them later on to get free hits in on the Spirit version of the Corrupted Monk.

The easiest place to grab a decent amount more Snapseeds is the valley where you met the Giant Snake. Make your way to where you hid in the palanquin to stab him in his little snakey eye. If you’ve already been through the area, he won’t be there again so don't worry about getting eaten.

At the top of the hill near to the palanquin, there’s a floor item - this is a cache of 5 Snapseeds.

If you need more in the later game, you can find some in the Gun Fort in the Sunken Valley, as well as the Mist Noble’s temple in the Ashina Depths.

Again, once you've beaten the true Corrupted Monk, you'll be able to buy Snapseeds from Fujioka.

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