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Sekiro Chained Ogre guide: How to stealth attack for an easier time

Most of the really tough enemies so far in Sekiro have been avoidable. You could just jump past the samurai general, but this time there’s an impassable fog gate in your way. Here’s how to beat the Chained Ogre, including how to stealth attack him for an easier time.

Carrying on from the first part of our Sekiro Walkthrough, you should be at the Ashina Outskirts shrine, with a rooster to your left, two guards huddled beneath a tree in front of you, and the Chained Ogre shackled in some stocks at the top of the hill.

Deal with the rooster first so it doesn’t get in your way later. Jump towards it and you should be able to deliver a deathblow before it notices you’re there. Now turn your attention to the two guards.

Grapple onto the tree branch, eavesdrop on them if you wish, then jumping stealth attack one of the guards. I prefer to stealth kill the guard on the left since the other is more aggressive and easier to counter for a quick kill. Despatch the second guard, then get ready for the main fight.

Sekiro Chained Ogre fight strategy

Lock-on to the Chained Ogre and run up to him. You can hit him a few times before he breaks out if you like, but he’ll just regenerate the health later.

As soon as he breaks free, disengage your lock-on and run back down the hill towards the shrine. Grapple up onto the gate where he can’t get you and turn around.

The Chained Ogre should be lumbering down the hill towards you. Wait for him to get close underneath you, then turn around and jump over to the platform where the rooster was. Crouch and walk over to the gate on your right so that there’s a bit of distance between you and the Ogre and his line-of-sight is broken.

Once the battle music stops playing, turn around and go back towards the hill, the Ogre should have his back to you walking back up the hill.

Drop down, creep up behind him and land a stealth attack. This wipes out one of his health bars and really evens out the fight, allowing you to make a lot more mistakes throughout the battle.

Since the Ogre doesn’t use a sword, your step dodge ability is much more useful that deflecting here. Do two sideways dodges out of the way of his basic dropkick, sweeping kick and dropping elbow attacks.

When you see the red Japanese symbol appear, this means he’s about to grab you, so dodge out of the way as quickly as you can.

His jumping grab attack is enough to make you rip the hair out of your head - it has a huge radius and if even the tip of his fingernail brushes the tail of your coat, he’s clutch you in his grasp.

The most success I’ve had with dodging this move is to disengage your lock-on and run to the side as soon as you know he’s winding up.

It’s time for you to go on the offensive as soon as he’s finished one of his moves, which usually leave him on the ground.

Don’t get greedy. Only retaliate with a couple of swings before getting ready to dodge again.

Once he's down, return to the shrine above to rest and get ready for more punishment.

Next up is part 3 of our walkthrough where we get some new tools and take on another skilled samurai!

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