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Red Dead Online: how to change appearance, delete character, swap clothes, outfits and hair styles

Red Dead Redemption 2’s multiplayer portion - Red Dead Online - has a robust character creation suite.

When the game starts, you’re free to choose whether you want to be a man or a woman, then you’re let loose with the customisation options.

You start with a basic face, then you can change your nose type, jaw width, eye shape, and more.

Hairstyles can be adjusted, beards can be selected, and you can even mess around with complexion, age, and, of course, scars.

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Can you change character build and face?

Unfortunately, you can't change the build of your character's appearance or his or her face once you've started the game. You can delete your character and start again, but you'll lose all your progress apart from your money. Unlike GTA Online, you can only have one character at a time in Red Dead Online so no swapping between different builds.

You can, however, continue to change your hairstyle and facial hair at any point during the game, as well as your clothing and a few other tweaks such as your style of walking.

To change your hair and facial hair you'll need to visit a barber in any of the big towns or cities. Here you can customise the style and colour of your hair, as well as your beard and sideburns.

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To change outfits you can visit a tailor in a town or city, where you can buy new clothes and complete outfits. Remember that certain outfits and items like hats and gun belts will only become available when you reach a certain rank, and you still have to buy them with your hard earned cash.

You can also change outfits at your camp, but you can't buy new gear here. You can order some items which are either delivered directly to your camp or the nearest post office, via the catalogue, which you open by pressing down left on the d-pad.

Finally, to give your character a more distinctive walk, pull up the menu with the d-pad and you'll be able to select a number of different walks. You can also customise a little further by cycling through and picking favourite emotes.

We have a growing guide to Red Dead Online where you can find advice on earning money, how to play with friends and form a posse.

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