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Red Dead Online haunted by phantom horses since Blood Money update

Yep, you read that right: Red Dead Online appears to be haunted by the spirits of horses ever since its latest update – nobody can account for why they're appearing and regular players are nonplussed.

The long-awaited summer update for Red Dead Online, Blood Money, hit the servers earlier in July, and since then players have noticed strange occurrences in the virtual Wild West wilderness.

As reported by PC Gamer, player-owned horses have seemingly taken on a life of their own, and fine mares and stallions kitted out in their finery have been acting of their own accord in the game's interpretation of the US frontier. Some seem hellbent on reaching a set location, others just stand there and... watch. It's spooky.

As well as taking up space and publicly doing their own thing, the horses are also having a more notable impact – coming out of nowhere to slam players off their own steeds and cause premature equine-related death. Someone managed to capture the situation, and you can watch it below.

Some players are finding clones of their own steeds in-game, others are locating random horses that just cannot be interacted with at all. It's safe to say the curse of the random horse is reaching critical levels – and there appears to be no end to the mount-related mystery in sight.

Will Rockstar be able to rein this bug in? Will some poor QA tester be saddled with the task of squashing this peculiar bug? Whatever happens, players are chomping at the bit to find out more about these strange glitches and are keen for Rockstar to fix this baffling situation.

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