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Pokemon Legends: Arceus - How to change moves

Rejoice, for in Legends: Arceus swapping Pokemon move load-outs is easier than evre. Here's how it works.

Rejoice, as one of the most annoying and fiddly aspects of the Pokemon meta has been significantly changed in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Gone are TMs, HMs, TRs, and varied Move Tutors, and you no longer have to go through a complicated process to add new Pokemon moves, or remember previously-replaced ones! This is a huge change.

This does mean, however, that long term fans might initally find themselves at a bit of a loss. Why aren't you being given the option to change moves when a Pokemon learns new ones? How do you change moves? Well, this page has you covered.

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Consider this game a pairing with our other guide on how to learn new moves in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Once you've learned moves, you'll need to equip them - and that's more like a traditional RPG than you might expect...

How to change Pokemon Moves in Legends Arceus

Once you’ve actually learned a move, you then have to choose to put that move into the list of four moves accessible to that Pokemon in battle. That’s one aspect of the classic Pokemon battle system retained: you can only carry four moves at a time.

What has changed, however - and it’s brilliant - is that you no longer have to ‘delete’ one move to make room for another. Pokemon don’t need to forget moves forever, eliminating the need for a ‘move reminder’ NPC or what have you. Instead, each Pokemon retains memory of all its learned moves, but can only take four into battle.

You can change moves at any time from your main menu. Just open your satchel by hitting up on the D-Pad, and thens select one of your Pokemon. Select ‘Change moves’, and you’ll then be presented with a nice, clean menu where you can choose which moves to add and which moves to drop.

You can do this any time, which means you can have a Pokemon with a broad move set and even swap its moves on the fly in order to adapt to whatever you’re planning to do next. It’s a brilliant feature - and streamlines the traditional Pokemon experience while adding depth, rather than removing it. Give it a shot!

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