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Heads up - Pokemon Legends: Arceus is being streamed on Twitch ahead of the official release

Less than a week before the official release, a few early birds have started streaming.

For those looking out for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you’d best be careful scouting around the internet as a small number of streamers are playing the game right now on Twitch. While it’s unclear how exactly these people have gotten their copies, they aren’t being shy about letting everyone know about their early access.

We won’t link to these streams directly, but there are currently a handful of them live under the official Arceus tag on Twitch. While currently only with around 1,000 viewers, much of the early game is being shown off.

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This is quite the dangerous game to be playing, considering Nintendo’s history of punishing leakers. In the past, the company has had those responsible for distributing early information about their Pokemon Sword and Shield pay $150,000 in damages, as reported by Eurogamer in June last year.

Considering the effort that Nintendo will go to in tracking down leakers of game footage before official releases, you have to wonder what actions the company will take now that footage of one of its biggest games of 2022 is out in the wild.

That being said, these streams have been live for over 12 hours at the time of writing, and they’re still going seemingly without any worries. We’ll have to wait and see if these Arceus streams continue to pop up as we creep closer to the Pokemon Legends: Arceus release date on January 28.

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