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Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to evolve Scyther to get Scizor and Kleavor

How to get one of the coolest all-new Pokemon evolutions featured in Legends Arceus - Kleavor.

Original generation Pokemon Scyther is back in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and it brings with it an all-new evolution: Kleavor.

Kleavor is a cool-looking Pokemon with an interesting typing (rock and bug), and it plays a major role in the story. You won’t be able to catch it during your story encounter - but you can get your own Kleavor through evolution, if you know how. On this page, we explain:

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Where to catch Scyther

Before you can evolve Scyther, you’ll need to actually catch Scyther. Thankfully, it’s readily available in two areas of Pokemon Legends Arceus - and from early on.

Find yourself a Scyther in one of the following locations:

  • Grandtree Arena, in the Obsidian Fieldlands
  • Primeval Grotto, in the Coronet Highlands

The Grandtree Arena in particular is rife with Scyther to catch, which feels rather appropriate given that this location is also where you face off against the Lord Pokemon Kleavor - which is evolved from a Scyther - as part of the story.

Once you’ve got a Scyther in your Pokedex, it’s time to think about evolving it. Scyther can evolve into two forms: Scizor or Kleavor.

How to evolve into Scizor

While Scyther was a Pokemon added in the first generation of Pokemon games - an original - its first evolution, Scizor, wasn’t added until the second generation of Pokemon games, acting as one of the poster-children for the then-new Steel type.

Scizor keeps its Bug and Steel dual-type status in Arceus Legends, which makes it an interesting case in the game’s type strength and weakness chart - but its evolution method has subtly changed.

Previously, you had to give Scyther a Metal Coat item to hold and then trade it; it’d then evolve. While you can still trade in Legends Arceus, that requirement has been removed - and the Metal Coat has been adjusted from a ‘holding’ item to a standard Evolution Item, to make up for Pokemon item holding being cut from this game.

To evolve into Scizor, just get a Metal Coat and use it on Scyther, like a potion or other healing item. Scyther will instantly evolve.

You can get Metal Coat items from the Merit Point cart just south of the Training Ground in Jubilife Village. It also spawns as a fairly common item drop inside Space-Time Distortions when they appear.

How to evolve to Kleavor with Black Augurite

Kleavor can’t be caught in the wild in Pokemon Legends Arceus. The one you fight in the story is too important to be caught, and it doesn’t spawn anywhere else. As a result, your only hope to get one is to catch and evolve a Scyther.

Both Scyther evolutions follow the same evolution methodology, which means to get your own Kleavor you’ll need a specific item to use on it: Black Augurite.

As with Scizor and its Metal Coat, just get the Black Augurite item and use it on a Scyther to instantly evolve it into Kleavor, which this time is a dual bug and rock-type Pokemon.

Black Augurite can be gained in a few ways:

  • It can drop from Graveler when defeated. Graveler, the evolution of Geodude, is common across all areas of the game, so defeating them gives you a chance to get this item.
  • It can drop as a rare item in Space-Time Distortions, alongside a wide range of other evolution-related items.
  • Riding Ursuluna and digging for treasure with it has a chance to uncover Black Augurite.

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