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Pokemon Legends: Arceus: how learn new moves

Even something as simple as changing a Pokemon’s moves has been changed this time out - but this new system is a huge improvement. Here’s how it works.

It seems that no single element of the Pokemon formula is sacred in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the new open-world take on Pokemon that’s seriously shaking up series traditions. Even how you learn and change a Pokemon’s move set is different this time around - and the change is certainly for the better.

Basically, the whole system is streamlined, and much like with the changes on how to evolve Pokemon, it places more emphasis on choice for the player, allowing you to make choices and even chop-and-change Pokemon moves more freely - which we think really injects significantly more strategy into planning for battles and building a Pokemon team.

Below, we explain how to learn new moves in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Once you've done that, you might want to hit up our guide on how to change move sets to use the new moves.
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How to learn new moves in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends: Arceus injects more freedom into preparing your Pokemon team for battle by turning choice over to the player with moves. In traditional Pokemon games, you can either learn moves via TM or HM items, a move tutor NPC, or automatically when Pokemon level up. In this new adventure, all of these features are rolled into one in one NPC at one location: the Training Grounds.

The Training Grounds is found in the upper-left hand corner of Jubilife Village, or right at the end of the main drag where the shops and the entrance to the HQ is. Head up the stairs and you’ll see a rudimentary Pokemon battle area that at some points in the game you’ll be able to battle on - and you’ll also find the tough master of the training grounds, an NPC who can adjust your Pokemon move sets.

You can do a few things here. Talk to her, and she’ll allow you to Learn New Moves for any Pokemon in your current party. The available moves that each Pokemon can learn will be defined by their level, what evolution they’re on, and other similar factors.

The point is, you might see the potential list of teachable moves for any given Pokemon grow over time. Additionally, Pokemon will occasionally ‘get ideas’ for new moves and add to their move list all on their own when they level up and evolve.

Each move will cost a small amount of money to learn, which doesn’t seem that much at first but sure stacks up when you consider the other things you’ll need to buy like top-ups of crafting materials, clothes, and satchel upgrades. You’ll have to choose carefully which moves you buy for which Pokemon - or grind out research to earn loads of cash.

In addition, the same NPC can Master the moves a Pokemon can use in return for a rare Seed of Mastery item (allowing you to then use that move in Agile or Strong forms), or exchange Grit items, allowing you to swap lower-tier versions of these stat-improving items for their more effective and powerful versions.

Once you’ve learned a move, you can then choose to add it to a Pokemon’s battle move set at your leisure.

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