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Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to upgrade your Inventory and Satchel Space

Gone are Pokemon’s bottomless black hole backpacks - you now have to Marie Kondo your inventory. But you can get a little more space, if you know how…

Lots of series staple elements have been severely shaken up in Pokemon Legends: Arceus - including everything from how you catch Pokemon to how you manage your items. With a Zelda-like open world twist comes one change that’ll make some fans wince - a limited inventory. Luckily, you can upgrade your inventory space.

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Upgrading the size of your Satchel in Legends Arceus is actually pretty vital, as it’ll allow you to carry more items - and as you progress through your mission to complete the Hisui region’s first Pokedex you’ll unlock a wider variety of options, many of which you’ll want to carry all together at once in order to maximize your Pokemon catching capabilities.

On this page, we explain how to increase your inventory size and upgrade your satchel in Legends: Arceus - and what it’ll cost you.

How to upgrade your Inventory in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Upgrading your inventory is easier than it seems in Pokemon Legends: Arceus - but the thing you’ll have to do is progress the game a little ways before the option becomes available to you.

The short answer is that to upgrade your bag space, you need to speak to NPC Bagin in the Galaxy HQ Lobby; you pay him, and he increases your inventory in return. Initially you'll need to wait for this feature to be unlocked.

How to unlock Satchel upgrades

Your first job is just to progress the story until the point that all the introductory prologue stuff is out of the way and you’re set loose in the world proper. You’ll be introduced to Adaman and Irida, and right after that – as you move to exit Galaxy HQ, you’ll be stopped by Bagin right as you approach the front door.

Bagin will offer to increase your inventory size by one - not by making your satchel bigger, but by teaching you the art of packing the bag more efficiently and tightly. While it doesn’t seem exactly feasible, his actions can increase the size of your inventory significantly - I haven’t managed to max it out, but I have been able to add over twenty new inventory slots over the course of my Pokemon Legends: Arceus playthrough.

Bagin charges you for the pleasure of your bag-packing training sessions, with the price increasing incrementally with each upgrade. The upgrades start a paltry 100 Pokebucks, but before you know it it’ll be running into the tens of thousands. Because money is key to doing lots in this game including changing & learning Pokemon moves and buying crafting materials that are more difficult to gather in the wild, you’ll need to carefully balance your budget - or grind out Pokemon research to earn massive wads of cash.

Each inventory slot is invaluable, since items stack in this game. So if you have 25 slots in your Satchel, for instance, you can carry 25 unique items - but in multiple. Meaning that in one slot, you can carry 30, 40, 50, or more of a single item, such as Poke Balls. This is vital for carrying lots of crafting material.

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