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How to apply Infusions in Nightingale

Once you apply them, magical Infusions can add powerful buffs to your equipment in Nightingale!

A player character applying an Infusion to an Uncommon piece of equipment in Nightingale.
Image credit: VG247/Inflexion Games

Applying Infusions in Nightingale is actually very, very simple. The process to get to that point however, is very, very confusing.

But while there's definitely a learning curve, Infusions are a vital aspect of increasing your gear score in Nightingale, so here's everything you need to know!

How to apply Infusions in Nightingale

To apply an Infusion in Nightingale, simply right-click on the Infusion in your inventory and select "apply". This will bring up a menu where you can add the Infusion's effect to a piece of equipment from your inventory.

However, for the option to appear, you will need to have crafted a piece of "Uncommon" equipment. This involves crafting an upgrade bench first, then using T1 Essence to upgrade a regular piece of common equipment to the higher level.

An Upgrade Bench, which is used to apply Infusions in Nightingale.
Image credit: VG247/Inflexion Games

This will turn the piece of equipment green in your inventory, while also increasing its stats. For weapons and tools, this means increasing its attack power and blocking potential. For clothing, you get increased defensive abilities, more health and better health regeneration.

Additionally, you will also need to craft an Infusion to use at an Enchanter's Focus. This also requires Essence, so it's worth having plenty spare. The best place to get some is by collecting it from puzle cores inside of Fae Tower challenges. These can be found after you have claimed the Antiquarian Card and visited more difficult worlds.

Essence is also used to craft Realm Cards, so it's a useful resource with a variety of applications.

Uncommon pieces of equipment will have one slot to apply Infusions, so make it count. However, at this early stage of Nightingale, you probably only have access to Infusions which buff the durability of a piece of equipment. But, with that said, enough though it's not very exciting, added durability is always extremely useful.

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