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Where to find the Herbarium Card in Nightingale

The Herbarium Card allows you to advance Nightingale's story and meet new characters!

The exterior of the Herbarium Card Site of Power in Nightingale.
Image credit: VG247/Inflexion Games

As you progress through the main story of Nightingale, relatively early on in your adventure you’re told to visit a Herbarium Realm to meet up with Nellie Bly on your quest to find a way back home to Earth.

However, while the progression has been relatively linear up to that point, to reach the Herbarium Card you need to first unlock the Astrolabe and Provisioner Cards.

You will also need to upgrade all of your equipment to a much higher level than when you first received the objective to visit a Desert Herbarium. Once you have an average gear score of 50, you will be able to take on the challenge.

How to unlock the Herbarium Card in Nightingale

When you have reached the required gear level and unlocked the two previous Cards, search the map of your home Abeyance Realm for the Herbarium Site of Power. Mine was very close to the Astrolabe site, but is set out quite differently.

A map screen showing the location of the Herbarium Card in Nightingale.
Image credit: VG247/Inflexion Games

With an average of 50 gear power, approach the M C Escher-style structure of floating blocks, upside down stairs and ethereal angles. Look for a path leading up across the blocks and pass through the gate at the top of the stairs.

You will then need to pass a series of challenges, as well as difficult combat encounters to unlock the Herbarium card. Like the other Sites of Power, your trial will culminate in a boss battle, which nets you a solid amount of Essence.

However, the real prize is the Herbarium Card, which you can craft at an Enchanter’s Focus using the usual Ink, Paper and Dust.

Place your new card into a Realm machine along with a common Desert biome card and you will be able, at long last, to advance Nightingale’s story with a new character!

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