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Lords of the Fallen extended overview trailer is your last reminder it's coming in two weeks

Lords of the Fallen's release is imminent, and this latest trailer is a good way to convince you why you should care.

After what seemed like years, a developer switch-up, and a bizarre name change - Lords of the Fallen is finally days away from release. That's 14 days, to be exact, as of this writing.

Developer Hexworks has been doing pretty well in demonstrating what makes this one a Souls-like worth your time. We've seen plenty of extended gameplay footage, and even trailers dedicated to the game's unique dual worlds mechanic.

The hype build-up continues today with another trailer, featuring nearly eight minutes of new footage. The trailer does a great job at showcasing the different areas you'll visit, the possibilities melee, ranged and magic combat have to offer, and lay out the main crux of the narrative.

Mainly though, the overview trailer does a good job of selling us on the game, though it helps that it's also fun to play. Lords of the Fallen arrives October 13 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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