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Lords of the Fallen patch says you were having it too easy, makes bosses harder

Update v1.1.282 isn't going down the best with players.

Lords of the Fallen developer Hexworks clearly thought you were all having too nice of a time, so the game's most recent patch has made a number of bosses tougher.

With a genre like soulslikes, you can test your game as much as you want, but you can't ever really be certain about how tough a boss should be until the game is in the player's hands. Lords of the Fallen has been out for almost a month now, and it has already received some tweaks, but its latest patch will definitely amp up the challenge a touch. For example, the Sanctified Huntress boss can now use her dash-teleport when you've cornered her against a wall, so that trick's down the gutter. Griefbound, alongside her minions, are also more aggressive now, meaning you'll probably need to be a bit more alert.

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The notes for patch v1.1.282 also note that it has "increased the challenge for a boss at the bottom of a very dark place. That aberration born from love now has higher pacing and a bit more punch." Sounds like you'll need to go and see the specific changes for that one yourself. Bosses aren't the only thing that have changed during the patch, there are a huge range of other tweaks too, though not all of them have gone down well with players judging by the comments on a Reddit post detailing the notes.

For example, some changes were made to boss weapons like Infernal Hounds which have seen their mana costs significantly increased. "Perfect example on why PvP and PvE should be patch differently because 350 mana cost for Infernal Hounds is definitely not the move," wrote one commenter about the change. Boss weapons also have 10 levels instead of 5, but as another commenter notes, "changing boss weapons from +5 to +10 will functionally do nothing to fix the balance, since people will just farm up the upgrade materials to max them out still. All this really does is p**s off anyone who used a chunk to get their weapon to +5, and now they lost that limited resource."

There are a large number of other changes too, which you can read in the full patch notes list.

If you've been wondering whether Lords of the Fallen's reboot is worth checking out, Sherif's review might give you the answer you've been looking for.

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