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Lords of the Fallen was just fine, but it looks like it's done well enough to get a sequel in 2026

There's just one catch for PC players.

Lords of the Fallen 2023 screenshot showing a spellcaster using some kind of spell against a large person in a suit of armour, with red hair holding a massive sword.
Image credit: CI Games/ Hexworks

Last year's Lords of the Fallen reboot is getting a sequel, as its publisher CI Games signs a deal with Epic.

As reported by Polish website Bankier, a recent filing from CI Games has confirmed that Lords of the Fallen will be getting a sequel in 2026. Quite notably, and potentially controversially, the filing was specifically about the fact that CI Games and Epic Games have signed a deal guaranteeing the latter exclusive rights to the Lords of the Fallen sequel on PC. There are a number of PC players who flat out refuse to buy games on the Epic Games Store, so we'll have to wait and see how that pans out for CI Games when the sequel eventually arrives.

It should be noted that the rights to publish and distribute the game "worldwide on all other platforms, including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms for which the Game is currently in development, will remain with the Company." This obviously confirms that the game will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S too, which isn't all that surprising given the reboot also released on the same platforms.

The Lords of the Fallen reboot launched back in October last year, a reboot of the 2014 games of the same name. It was met with generally ok reviews, though didn't do astoundingly critically. Our own Sherif gave the game 3/5 stars, saying, "Lords of the Fallen is a game of uneven quality. At its best, it offers level design, bosses, and combat that’s generally up there among the best Souls-likes. At its – more often – worst, it leans hard on quantity over quality, and a fundamental misunderstanding of what makes those games challenging."

It did sell over one million copies in its first 10 days, though, so clearly it sold well enough to warrant a sequel, as evidenced by this recent filing. Now you just have to hope Hexworks is able to improve upon the sequel.

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