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Like A Dragon Gaiden Golden Balls locations

It's not what you think. Well, sometimes

Finding the Like A Dragon Gaiden Golden Balls for the Gotta Catch ‘em Balls quest takes you to some pretty unlikely places with one or two of the game’s more eccentric people. You’ll also need to take a break and shoot some (pool) balls for one of them. This is one of those quests that spans a few chapters, since some of your targets don’t appear until a certain point, but your thirst for spheres is rewarded at the end with a pretty big payout – if you make the right choice.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Golden Balls

You can find your Golden Balls in mostly any order. Our list is just in the order we found them.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Golden Ball 1

This ball is hanging down underneath the large golden statue that stands over the restaurant at the castle’s eastern end. Pass the shop, climb the stairs, and look up. The ball is located where you’d expect a ball to be on a giant statue of a male. Use your spider gadget to grab the ball, and then head to the Castle’s western end.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Golden Ball 2

Stand near the balcony here, and face north so Joryu is looking at the dancers. The man wearing a cat hat with red trunks has this next Golden Ball. Use your spider gadget to swipe it off him, but save before you try. Some players reported a bug with this action, where the notice pops that you acquired the item, but it doesn’t actually show up in your inventory. Make sure it’s there before you move on, and if it isn’t, reload and try again.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Golden Ball 3

Getting this one takes a little bit more work. The ball is in the speedo of a man standing on the prow of a boat that speeds through the canal. The boat only goes by during the day – or, I’ve never seen it at night anyway – and it moves pretty quickly. Angle your camera so you’re looking west and can see the boat coming.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Golden Ball 4

You need to complete the Mysterious Note patrol mission in chapter four for this ball to unlock. The man on the bench tells you about a sparkling object near some turtle statues. Head to West Shofokucho Street, and look right to see four large turtle statues in a row. Turn left, and you’ll spot the Golden Ball above a store sign. Grab it with your spider gadget.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Golden Ball 5

The East Shofokucho Street branch of Ebisu Pawn Shop has a Golden Ball for sale. It costs 77,777 yen, so go beat up some lowlifes first if you need some extra cash.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Golden Ball 6

The Kiss Shot pool parlor offers a Golden Ball as a reward. It costs 777 points, so plan on playing more than a few pool games before you can get it.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Golden Ball 7

You can buy one of them from the Akame Network. It costs 777 Akame Points, but you can get those pretty easily by clearing other requests – the Fukupi Mask location quest, for example, or Flying Takoyaki.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Golden Ball Wish

Find Shen-san in the alley on East Sotenbori street – the northeastern corner of the map, where there’s only one alley – and hand over your ball haul. Shen-san makes good on his promise and grants you one wish, though the catch is that you can’t tell what a wish is going to get you. These are what you get from each.

  • I wish for a peaceful life – Shen-san makes you wish again
  • I wish for eternal life – Shen-san gives you 100 Nourishment of the Sea King
  • I wish for endless riches – Shen-san gives you 1 million yen
  • I wish for sexy panties – Shen-san gives you the Shen-san Panties item, which you can sell at Ebisu for 1.5 million yen

The choice is bizarre, but if you want the money without having to grind at the arena, the sexy panties option is your best bet. Since money is pretty plentiful, though, you may want to opt for the Sea King items. More importantly, you’ll also get 15,000 Akame Network points.

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