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Helldivers 2 players have nearly secured Draupnir, but they reckon this might be the calm before a storm of a fresh foe arriving

There’s seemingly always a new threat on the Horizon for Super Earth, even when things are going fine.

The face of a soldier in Helldivers 2 and a soldier running from an automaton's flamethrower.
Image credit: VG247/Arrowhead

Good news, Helldivers 2’s galactic war is going pretty well right now! As of writing, folks are on the verge of finally securing Draupnir, though, as always, this success has been accompanied by a bit of anxiety regarding what big twist the conflict could have in store next. It’s looking like the answer could be a returning faction from the first Helldivers game.

This is a bit of a shift from the major sources of worry throughout most of last week, which were mostly bug-related, as the massive number of soldiers playing the game fought to quell a Terminid infestation on several planets. Now though, the bugs look to be pretty well under control, with a new potential foe now on Super Earth’s radar.

First of all, congrats to the folks who’ve managed to push the automaton-infested Draupnir all the way up to about 97% liberation percentage as of writing, even if it looks like progress in the last stage of that fight’s stalled out a bit. This is because a lot of folks look to be growing tired of bots and heading for the other planet currently in Super Earth’s crosshairs - the bug-filled world of Crimsica.

While the forces on both of those worlds look to be losing a bit of ground as of writing, you can forgive folks for not pushing as hard as they recently have to take the likes of Fenrir III, Meridia, Turing, and Erata. That said, it looks like this period of relative calm won’t last too long, with a number of people having spotted blue laser beams during ops late last week.

Despite Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt having cheekily tweeted “Blue beams aren't real, it can't hurt you,” in response to such sightings, odds are this is pointing towards the Helldivers 2 debut of The Illuminate. If you’re not familiar, this advanced race of aliens were an enemy back in the first Helldivers game, rocking some psychic and teleportation-based powers that made them a bit of a different beast to the automatons and bugs we’ve been battling so far.

We definitely aren’t going to see them again though, right? Given that The Illuminate were soundly defeated in the first game and couldn’t possibly rise again, yeah?

Yeah, there’s no chance that, as one player on Reddit puts it, Arrowhead’s “letting people get cocky and complacent” as part of “a good build-up to the Illuminate scourge.” “We get deep into Bug/Bot territory, and then suddenly, we get an alert telling us that Super Earth is under attack from an unknown threat,” is what this traitor thinks might happen, but that definitely doesn’t sound like it could make sense (it does).

Regardless of what might happen in Helldivers 2 down the line, make sure to enjoy this period of relative calm in the galactic war while it lasts. Maybe you might want to help out some newbies by answering some SOS beacons, a bit like this player who’s been busy making the cosmos a better place one game of rock, paper, scissors at a time.

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