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UPDATE: Helldivers 2's Meridia Major Order is seeing players overwhelmed by bug hordes spawning right on top of objectives

Arrowhead is "aware of the issues", according to Discord moderator.

A bile titan standing behind a helldiver in Helldivers 2.
Image credit: Arrowhead
UPDATE (31/05/24, 13:40 PM BST): Arrowhead community manager Baskinator has now posted in Helldivers 2's offical Discord server that a hotfix for the spawning bug in the current Major Order "is currently being worked on" and "will be deployed as soon as possible".

Helldivers 2's latest Major Order is a simple one in theory - destroy the Terminid Supercolony on Meridia, using that experimetal Dark Fluid that may or may not end up attracting the attention of the Illuminate. However, in practice, thing are proving a lot tougher than that, thanks to some bug spawning issues that Arrowhead thankfully looks to already be aware of.

While a fix for this stuff seems like it'll drop relatively soon, it's sad to see the game's community riled up again so soon, given the recent changes from the studio behind it that've seemed to recapture a bit of the player trust that'd been wavering thanks to some controversial patches and the whole PSN linking thing.

So, what's happening to folks who dropping onto Meridia to try and aid in the destruction of that bug nest? Well, they're encountering enough bugs to make their task incredibly difficult - with a number arguing things go past the point of it just being a skill issue or something done on purpose.

"Bug Breaches will open up five feet from the drills you need to drop, one explains on the game's subreddit, "It's manageable on lower difficulties but if you're in a difficulty where there's a chance Bile Titans can spawn from breaches then you have to constantly deal with Titans spawning on top of the drills you need to keep alive."

"And then there's a finale event at the end of every mission where Shriekers spawn, but it has to be broken because even on difficulty one solo they spawn by the dozens," they continue, "There are so many of them that just punching in the code for extraction becomes a chore inputting a single arrow at a time because you keep getting flinched off the console."

by u/1_ConvoBreaker in Helldivers

Naturally, players have been raising these problems on the game's official Discord server, with one having recived a reply from a moderator with the handle Purplegion. "The team are aware of the issues regarding the current MO," the mod wrote, "Please give them time to look into them."

So, hopefully things are sorted soon. Though some players are hoping that any fix might come with an extension of this Major Order, if the bug swarms currenbtly stopping them from progressing in it are in fact not functioning as intended.

We'll just have to see what happens, but maybe take some extra time to prep if your dropping onto Meridia in the meantime.

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