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Hooray, Helldivers 2's latest patch gets rid of server spot camping by auto-kicking idle players

Take that, cheeky AFK folks trying to stay in a game you’re not currently playing.

Some players in a firefight in Helldivers 2.
Image credit: VG247/Arrowhead Game Studios

Helldivers 2 is very fun, when its poor servers will actually let you play it. Thankfully for those who’ve been struggling to get into the hugely popular game whenever they boot it up to take on Robot Vietnam, the game’s latest patch contains a feature designed to stop AFK folks from clogging up server space.

Yep, shortly following a patch that fixed the dreaded black screen startup issue and made quickplay a bit less of a cursed experience, Arrowhead’s back again with some more tweaks. Patch 1.000.11 isn’t too huge, but does feature some nice adjustments.

As outlined in the notes for the patch, which has been deployed across PS5 and PC, one of its most noteworthy changes is the implementation of a “functionality that will kick players who remain idle for 15 minutes back to the title screen.” Yep, no more leaving the game running when you’re not actually playing in order to avoid losing your server spot and being sent back to the log-in queue.

Sure, we all long for the days when you’ll be able to come and go from Helldivers 2 as you please, but this is a nice little solution in the interim. That’s assuming folks don’t find a way around it via the likes of managing to keep inputs held down while they’re out of the room or having a snooze.

Aside from that addition, the patch contains fixes for “multiple crashes triggered when joining other players’ ships”, as well as crashes triggered by Super Credit purchases failing to go through and leaving a session “while bombardments are active”.

You also now shouldn’t have to deal with online missions in the Galactic War Map being “unselectable” for some reason, not being able to access your ship’s management panel, or getting stuck in some intro cinematics.

If you’re eagerly awaiting the day Helldivers 2’s versions of the mechs from the original Helldivers get deployed, you hopefully shouldn’t have to wait too much longer.

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