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Been stuck on the same Helldivers 2 difficulty for ages? Well, you've had over a million buddies and you should all be free soon

The late winter/early spring of difficulty level three.

A soldier wearing some armour from Helldivers 2's Cutting Edge warbond.
Image credit: VG247/Arrowhead/PlayStation

While Helldivers 2 is usually pretty fun, it's probably quite difficult to enjoy if you're stuck on a certain mission difficulty setting and have been unable to progress beyond that point since close to launch. Thankfully, Arrowhead's been busy working through fix requests from over a million players who've ended up in that scenario.

Yup, while simultaneously keeping the soldiers of Super Earth occupied as they plough on with what's been a very successful campaign against the Terminids so far, the developer's working through some pesky issues with the game. Ok, as we learned uin the most recent patch notes, cross-play friend requests are sadly still in the process of being sorted, but here's one problem that should be gone for those affected very soon, if it isn't already.

In a post on Helldivers 2's official Discord server, community manager Spitz has outlined what Arrowhead's been doing to help free folks who've foround themselves unable to progress and do missions beyond, say, difficulty level three. "Earlier today," they explained, "we ran through a bunch of manual progression requests to fix locked difficulties for about 1,300,000 players who hadn't been able to unlock them normally.

"Unfortunately, all of these manual requests caused a bit of a backup in the system that led to some hiccups in store purchases and other account features at the same time. Because of this, we're looking to push through the rest of the difficulty unlock requests tomorrow over the course of the day in smaller batches."

So, what does that mean? Well, that "anyone stuck on a certain difficulty should, fingers crossed, have the issue fixed soon, if it wasn't already fixed earlier today." Nice, especially given that judging by some of the responses to the news on the game's subreddit, getting stuck on a lower difficulty is just as pants as you'd expect.

"Someone I play with regularly is stuck on difficulty [three]," one player said, "They can get around it by joining me whenever I'm on and I just start the missions, but if they're playing on their own then they can't do any higher difficulty missions. Can confirm: it does suck."

"You can’t get any rare samples, you’re only stuck with the more common enemies and don’t get to fight the more advanced ones like chargers or bile titans," added another, who revealed that they're one of the poor souls that's actually been stuck. "Trying to progress is annoying since you only get [six] medals total for completing medium operations and sometimes can’t complete the daily order because it might require you to play on a higher difficulty."

So, hopefully Arrowhead's work should mean that all these players are freed from purgatory, given their situations have arguably been a bit more dire than those of us who just want to be able to play with some cross-platform mates without issue.

If you to learn the latest news on fixes for the latter, make sure to check out the notes for Helldivers 2's latest patch, which mentions that they're being worked on.

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