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As more issues pile up, Helldivers 2 devs are looking into enemy spawn rates and making superior packing actually do what it says on the tin

The ballistic shield is the latest thing players reckon isn't working as intended post-patch.

Some soldiers of Super Earth in Helldivers 2.
Image credit: VG247/Arrowhead

While Helldivers 2's last big patch has gone down pretty well, it also seems to have created a fresh set of issues for Arrowhead to investigate. To its credit, the studio is now looking into two of the biggest problems players are currently reporting, though the list does look to be getting longer day by day.

If you're out of the loop, one of the things some folks have been reporting as they've gone about saving and then killing kids is that the changes the patch made to how enemies spawn - by lessening the amount of heavy units that get flung at people in favour of more small foes - have actually made things more difficult. Arrowhead's now confirmed it is looking into that, but the situation apparently isn't as straighforward as it might seem.

In a post on the game's Discord server, community manager Twinbeard has shared an update on the studio's efforts to investigate those reports that the tweaks haven't made for less folks getting helplessly pinned down at higher difficulties. "For those of you who are asking about patrols/enemy presence, this is an intricate one," he wrote, "Instead of me trying to get into the nitty gritty details, probably failing miserably, I think we should try to supply a proper explanation on how it works, what we've changed and how we want it to play in regards to enemy presence overall."

"We're getting some mixed results/feedback on this," the community manager continued, "We're pretty sure why, but it's too early and more time is needed to monitor and evaluate this. There may very well be more tweaks going forward. Keep providing your thoughts on how things work or don't! Without it, it's hard to improve."

Twinbeard's post in the Helldivers 2 Discord server.
Image credit: VG247

Twinbeard also shared that he's been awaiting confirmation as to what the Superior Packing Methodology ship module is actually "supposed to do", amid assertions from players that currently it isn't doing what its description says - which is to give support weapons a full restock of ammo when you resupply. Issues with the social menu causing perfomance drops, which mainly look to be happening on PS5, are also being investigated.

Ballistic shield is absolutely broken and needs to be reverted to old version before 1.000.400
by u/BantorraX2nd in Helldivers

Got all that? Right, well, here's another problem that's now on the list of things playewrs want Arrowhead to look at. It's the ballistic shield, and folks are citing a range of problems including ones with aiming while it's equipped, it not providing protection in certain situations, and collisions with shields either inflicting a lot of damage on wielders, or kicking off a ragdoll chain.

So, yeah, it looks like Arrowhead's not gonna get any free time soon, even as players are busy trying to dislodge the Teminids from Hellmire.

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